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Guys a moron, asks Kayleigh McEnany does the President condemn white supremecy, she then gives a list of times when he did explicitly that, then just ignores the answer and all the repeated times he did exactly that and goes back to asking the same question.

MSM narrative, they just want to keep pushing the narrative. Don’t like people are sick of the MSM crap, well, stop being such a bunch of turds. Chris Wallace by the way asked him the exact same question in 2016, and Trump once again denounced white supremacy. Media deserves all the contempt they get.


Was that the press conference when the unmasked McEnany, who had been in close contact with Hope Hicks and Donald, and knew that Hicks was positive, spoke to reporters without informing them of those facts?

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In what way is that dancing around the question? She answered it perfectly.

No wonder trust in the media is at an all time low. They just can’t stop lying.

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‘There’s no joy in being right’: Biden makes cautious return to the campaign trail

Well managed campaign and anticipating problems, exactly what’s needed in the executive branch

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Mick: “Looks like he’s gave a speech in an empty field.”

Remember back when Trump supporters used to make fun of Biden for wearing a mask and practicing social distancing? Good times.


Hey @Dr_Milker I found the perfect thread to repost this! :grin:

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In ten years we’ll probably look back and think why didn’t we just continue business as usual. I wouldn’t be so quick to predict.

We will just have to agree to disagree on that one. If anything, we’ll wonder what was the point of locking down if we opened up too soon to really stop it in its tracks.

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It’s possible for sure. I’m more inclined to believe like Musk except for the vaccine part.

My comment was more on the incredible lack of excitement for Biden as a candidate. That still stands, of course.

I’ll gladly take something boring and vanilla over the insane shit show we’ve been subjected to the last four years.


Seems familiar

Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis has stunned MAGA world, but it hasn’t changed how it reacts to bad news: blame others, accuse the left of craven behavior and cling tighter to the president.

After his post-midnight tweet announcing he had the virus, Trump went silent until nearly 7 p.m., leaving his fervent online fan base without guidance on his preferred narrative.

Yet the base’s response mirrors the way Trump has instructed his followers to react to any pandemic-related news: downplay, craft optimistic storylines and accuse the Democrats and media of obfuscation and vitriol. It’s how the president has reacted to nearly every unwelcome pandemic-related development in recent months, whether it was early concerns over personal protective equipment and hospital space, or a death toll that recently surpassed 200,000.

Lower than expected, but this is still good news.

It showed the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 7.9% from 8.4%.

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This week, Biden continues to wear a mask, continues to follow safe distancing guidelines and … continues in-person campaigning in Florida and Arizona.


Did he stutter?

Considering the last 3 months went far beyond expectations, I think this is still great news.

This is hilariously accurate.

It seems independents didn’t think much of Trump’s debate performance. Post-debate polling is June-level bad for Trump. Except this time we are less than a month from Election Day and early voting is underway.


And you hear some people arguing his covid stuff is some kind of ruse, but that wouldn’t even make sense considering he polls much more poorly when covid is the topic focus.

If he wanted to fake something to get sympathy, the dumbest thing to fake would be covid, in other words.