2021 Calendars

Anyone getting a cool calendar for 2021? Or is it too optimistic yet?

Just got one today:

I couldn’t help but think @IbisWtf would like this one…


They spell 2019-III in a weird way…

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Here we come!


All I can say is that I hope 2021 will be better than 2020.


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I like those calendars that only show one day. It’s like having a watch you have to reset every minute.

Well, I am in line for the Hsinchu firefighter calendar. Hope I get it or I’ll have to upcycle last year’s.

It’s for sale!
Among other not so cool ones…

Oh it is already in my collection, buahaha!

Actually, I got the Xinbei one. The handsome guys happen to be my neighbors and eat at my favorite eatery, so now I have an excuse to stop by their table and ask for an autograph… :heart_eyes:

Hmm, 12 pages, 12 autographs, 12 visits to the table… :wink:

And on the 12th visit, if the last one isn’t there, “oh darn, I guess I’ll have to go all the way to your dorm to meet him!” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Wow! one day you will find the right man :slight_smile:

Pity the guy!