[2021] "Good" Quarantine experiences / hotel reviews / ratings / recommendations?

I agree. Really wish there was some more pushback in this regards, especially to the forced quarantines for possible exposures. If anything all the evidence says they should be reducing the quarantine requirements to between 7-10 days.

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Hiya, I’m making a list of things to bring with me for the long lonely quarantine. I’m
coming over as a student, so the university is organising my quarantine facility. They haven’t provided me with much information.
I’m not sure if I will be staying in a quarantine hotel, or a group quarantine facility. Anyone with experience in the group quarantine facilities?? Do they provide towels, sheets, etc?

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I am staying in such facility right now in Wulai. Not bad. The room has a private bathroom and balcony which can be opened. They provide typical stuff for hotel like towels, sheets, etc. For the last PCR test I did not need to go outside. Tomorrow I should be released :slight_smile:


This is insane!!! It is difficult to survive two weeks in there and he wants three weeks quarantine now!! Crazy!

That is not what the tweet says.


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What does the tweet say then ?

It was a reply to a journalist question who asked if it should be increased. He simply said they will evaluate.

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Same boat same question

Could you add pictures if you can? Thank you.

From the Delta cluster in Banciao, there have been 6 cases found while quarantined. These were people who were not sick before but got sick while in isolation. Yes, out if approximately 400 something.

So if there has been contact, isolation. Suspicion of contact, self management.

Thank you, that sounds better than what I imagined. Well done on nearly completing your quarantine, best of luck!

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at Wulai Quarantine Center (Sindian District, New Taipei City)


I would definitely want to stay somewhere with a view like that. Higher up, green environment, can see far. You can only stare at your devices, books, magazines, walls, and mirrors so long.


I wonder how common it is that the government facilities are actually better (or at least more spacious) than hotels. That seems to be the case based on pictures I’ve seen - although I suspect government facilities are farther out of town, and therefore have fewer delivery options.


Don’t know if this is a place to post this or not, but I had the day 12 pcr test today and it was as “good” an experience as it could be, might be useful information for someone else… a bus came to the hotel. The front desk gave me shoe covers, a mask and gloves to wear, they called me to tell me when to go downstairs, and then a nurse verified my ID, I went onto the bus and the doctor was really gentle… I was nervous after having my first test in Taiwan be so painful, but literally this test only took 10 seconds and then was done. It was 500 NT.
Also, after all my complaining about the bad food in quarantine, the hotel at least started giving me fresh fruit and vegetables with every (still not very good) meal. I guess they’re trying. Still not a good experience, but it’s almost over (and I found a new job while I was in quarantine! So my time wasn’t completely wasted).


That doesn’t look bad at all. Which hotel is this?

I’ve heard there is a quarantine hotel in 關子嶺 (Guanziling) that’s fairly inexpensive. However, being in an area that is famous for hot springs and not being able to use the facilities seems like a form of torture.

Learned this from a guy who was laid off due to COVID restrictions and got a job driving people between the hotel and hospitals. I didn’t know it worked that way.

Thanks for sharing! Was wondering how the Day 12 PCR test was going to work. Heading to Taiwan next week, so this was super helpful.

This is taken at Wulai Quarantine Center. When you select government facility you don’t know which place you will actually go.

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