2021 Officially Named Bicycle Touring Year

When the Minister of Transportation comes out and officially names next year bicycling touring year, it seems like a pretty big deal.

I have experienced Cycling Route No.1 first hand and it’s pretty helpful. More trains for bike transport and more to come?

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Bike-train combo making bike transport travel more convenient.

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The government loves to designate a month/season/year for various activities, e.g. beef noodle eating month, marigold gazing week, bike touring year. It’s easy to do. Just hold a press conference with photo ops, and the media will give it exposure. But after the fanfare, few tangible things are actually done. I remember the round-the-city bike path that Mayor Ma was trumpeting. It turned out that a big section of the path was “installed” by painting the bike-riding symbol on the asphalt of existing roads. :roll_eyes: Let’s hope this time will be different.

2021 may be the year for my Kagoshima to Hokkaido trip in that case! Wonder if the visitor visa is long enough for me to manage it though haha

It’s Bike Touring Year in Taiwan only I’m afraid.

Dammit! Well i’ll just have to wait :wink:

I think its great that the government is starting to promote Taiwan’s nature rather than nightmarkets or whatever. This year was year of mountains and next year bikes. Two areas taiwan is really competitive in

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Mountains is kind of implied when promoting the ease of access to get bikes on trains…I hope.

However, not everyone coming from abroad is a KOM roadie, I believe that bike packing could be big here.

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Yes it will be big soon!

Not promoted by the government, but just this guy who seems passionate about cycling and exploring Taipei. Wonder if anyone has gone on his tours.


Looks like the Tourism Bureau is tapping into the cycling trend. The cyclist doesn’t look like she rides very much though.

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Appalling ad. Appalling Englishes.

“Why do you like to go cycling so suddenly”

what does that even mean?
Why can they not hire a big nose for a five minute proofread?

Maybe they weren’t going for the pro look, but the video itself is not all that bad.

My only gripe is both actor’s helmets. They’re both wearing Frontier, which is great, but if they’re promoting Taiwan, why not use a Taiwanese brand helmet?

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Seems to be a series of videos

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What in the f did I just watch.

Wang Kar-wai bro. That’s who they’re channeling.

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Give them a few years. It only took 20 years for them to get rid of “Taiwan touch your heart.”

It’s abysmal, the road biking demographic are usually in the higher sphere of earners and likely to be mature and male. I’m talking about the key demographic willing to pay to fly to Taiwan for a cycling trip

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It really is inexcusable. Thirty years I’ve been here working in the industry and they still refuse to hire a native speaker consultant and still they insist on hiring Amy Chen who has ever been to the America. (And yes I’ve been making that joke for thirty years :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

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