2022 Municipal Elections

Does anyone have a good resource to find out who is running in their area in terms of local candidates? I can’t vote, but my wife doesn’t really follow politics so I can probably get her to back whoever I want, so I want to educate myself a bit.

Taiwan economy is doing better, because Taiwan private sector performs well.

Yeah, of course, but they promised a lot. Apart from gay marriage and decent COVID response, a lot of things havent changed. Labor laws are still shit, wages low, crime in politics, traffic in cities, general corruption.

There are a lot of gripes that are driving this election. Also playing the ‘protect Taiwan card’ just exacerbate them. Its not 2016 anymore or Chen/Ma era.

My own feeling is that there is just a general sense of malaise as both major parties are not really fit-for-purpose for modern Taiwan. Its all just for political theatre on political TV shows, but few real changes actually occur.

That’s the key issue in Taiwan politics.

Every article is stuck ten years ago and thinks that young people are all green, and support DPP. Of course they see themselves as Taiwanese, but that was a fact a decade ago. Of course they dont want to be part of China, which is the same as a decade ago. Of course they dont want to vote for the KMT if they are getting close to China, but that was a decade ago.

Taiwanization is a societal truth, its a reality, not a political hot issue anymore.

I just wish that just for once they could get out of their bubble and maybe interview an academic at Sinica or an actual Taiwanese political commentator.

Its the same pool of Americans in Taiwan who are directing all international discourse on Taiwan domestic politics. Its the same people bleating about ‘Taiwan voices’ who never want to get out of the way to let Taiwanese speak

This article was good though.


Yes I also like Nathan Batto’s circumspect take in that Frozen Garlic piece you linked. He also feels the political climate is changing, and it’s not clear what will emerge. To which I say: good! Force these parties to up their game and nominate quality candidates. If the KMT continues—nationally speaking, I am not referring to November 26—along its current path of nominating nut cases then they will continue to lose.


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Yes, but that’s been true for a decade. They are too weird

One factor that I think people have ignored is that I think the Beijing moneypot is now empty for Taiwanese politicians. I think CCP no longer give a fuck who Taiwanese vote for and the Chinese economy is on a downturn. You will just see less politicians wanting to get close to China, because its no longer financially beneficial to.

Also, the wider environment has changed a lot since 2019. China has become repugnant to anyone and is no longer a great business opportunity(which was a practical reason that many wanted to get close, rather than identity issues.

There is just way less reception across the board to anyone wanting to get closer to Beijing.

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Taiwan is really primed for a third party to emerge/become competitive

Look at the KMT’s nominees for Taipei City mayor since the 1990s. It’s been Ma, Ma, Hau, Hau, Sean Lien, [whoever that guy was that lost to Ko four years ago], and now Chiang Wan-an.

Aside from 2018, the KMT has in every single election put forward the son (it’s always been a male candidate) who is related to a KMT general or big wig of some kind. This is a pattern, it’s a closed loop, it’s consistent, it’s how they do things. And ask yourself: without the “Chiang” name, would Chiang Wan-an—based on legislative track record and Silicon Valley track record—be even considered?

I can’t even name one thing this guy has accomplished either as a lawmaker or in Silicon Valley. At least Huang (whom I do not support) has years of service at Taipei City Council.



Making Deep Blue ladies swoon…just like Ma Ying-jeou.


He’s so handsome! :heart_eyes:

Yeah I do remember those days from the Ma mayorship era (1998-2006).

How’s that looking in hindsight?


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I think there is always a guy with a mop near him indeed

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Like a disaster zone, but you have to give Ma credit for inspiring the Sunflower movement.

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Yeah and also—just as important, I think—alienating the so-called “local” wing of the KMT, fracturing an unstable coaltion that had kept things together up until that point.


Have a look at his website and then look at Chen’s. Chiang has actual policies. Chen is. the same old-fashioned nonsense boomer shit. I know of people in my circle who will not vote for Chen because they are sick of conservative old Taiwanese running everything.

Chiang is supposed to be very capable. Know people who have met him, and worked with him. I am supportive of younger people with ideas getting into power.

The main thing you read online with criticisms of the DPP is the problem of nepotism. Most of the people coming through are from these dynasty families. Look at the useless Lai Pinyu in Taipei, what qualification does she have to be a politician, apart from her family. Its rife all the way through Taiwan politics.


Thats ridiculous, he worked as a lawyer in silicon valley and then his own law firm. How would you know what his achievments are? Do you know what anyones achievments are pre-politics.

Chen is just a weak candidate for Taipei.

I just welcome younger politicians with actual policies.

As far as I can see, the DPP has not been compulsively committed to nominating the sons (or descendents) of generals. That is the KMT’s game in Taipei City, it’s been that way ever since I got here, the pattern continues into 2022. It’s surprising to me that this pattern seems to elude you.


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You dont think the DPP also has a major problem with nepotism? What is the qualification of Lai Pinyu?

Its like one of the main reasons that voters are unhappy with them

She is not the candidate for mayor of Taipei City, which is what I am talking about here—a pattern since the 1990s in the KMT.

And please spare me that Chiang Wan-an represents “youth.” That guy is from a political family (John Chang before he became Chiang). He is rich and connected to KMT lineage. That’s fine, that’s his story, but please don’t pretend he’s there on merit alone.


What point are you making? That people are only voting for Chiang because of his name? Its not the 90’s anymore.

Some deep blue voters will be. Others will be voting for him because he is competent. Others because don’t like DPP. Others because unhappy with Chen during COVID etc etc.

Thats like every politician in Taiwan. At least he has some ideas and is trying. I think Huang Shan Shan is the most competent choice though

Lai Pinyu just does cosplay and memes all day.

Well, I just called my 里長 today to ask why I never received my voter notification letter, and after an afternoon of calling around to different people in different departments, including an actual visit to my home to verify I actually live there, I was finally told that people who have only lived in a jurisdiction for less than four months aren’t eligible to vote in municipal elections.

Well there you go! Thanks to Taiwanese law, I am not allowed to vote yet. Guess none of this matters anymore.