2022 Municipal Elections

Yes…foreigners with R.O.C. citizenship. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh … those are not real foreigners.

Yet still get called “foreigner” all the time. :thinking:

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Well, even my fiancée said 18 yo is too young, young people know nothing (she is 29…) So the referendum will fail spectacularly.


Basically over

Chiang won

It looks still close between him and chen clock

Looks like the KUOMINWAVE is happening.


In the Taipei race, TVBS has posted counts of about 880,000 votes, with the KMT’s Chiang holding a 90,000 vote lead. SET TV has posted counts for about 1.06 million votes, with Chiang leading by about 20,000 votes. We’ll see which network’s count turns out to be more accurate.

Very different

From Newslens

Weird how they do that

The Greens might pick up Penghu, due to the split in the KMT vote. So it’s not all bad for the DPP.

I’m not surprised Chen lost (or is on track to lose) the Taipei Mayorship. People probably had Chen fatigue after seeing him on their TV at 2pm for 2 years… more often than not, with a hangdog expression explaining his latest “mulling.” I can’t see the average Taipei salaryman eager to vote for a reminder of that dreary era we’re trying to move past. Additionally, it was never clear WHY he was running for Mayor either, except the media and DPP stroking his ego so he would do so. So this might also be a bit of a rebellion against the media kind of coronating him as the next Mayor before he even threw his hat in the ring. Just like in the US, big personalities who run for public office sometimes have big falls (see Dr Oz who couldn’t win a Senate seat against someone incapacitated from a stroke). Coronations often don’t go as planned.


What does this mean in terms of the next few years for those of us who aren’t as politically savvy?

means basically nothing for the regular person


Probably a good kick in the nuts for DPP who might realize they can’t just be the party of Not-KMT.

Might temporarily reduce tensions with China (I know I’ll get blasted for even suggesting that… I did say “temporarily”).


I don’t know. I guess it proves that the KMT should not be underestimated.

And I saw that George Hsieh has been officially declared the winner of the Keelung Mayoral race. He might have a place in a future KMT administration, who knows?

It means dpp are not popular on domestic issues

Could put kmt in good position for 2024, but depends on a lot of things( where they stand on cross strait issues, how important cross strait issues still are and who they choose as presidential candidate).

That and all the ways Chen screwed Taipei during the pandemic. People in the mid and south getting ample supplies of masks, vaccines, and tests while it was clear that the two Taipei’s were having supply issues. Throwing WanHua under the bus during the outbreak too.

That and his tipping his hand to not being so much of a “good guy” who cares for the country, serving as director of CECC, with the cover up of the disastrous 3+4 decision.

During the debate, Chiang and Shanshan were very strong on these issues, and IMO rightly so.

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