2024 Parliamentary Clashes - Forced Legislation and Subsequent Protests

it shows a lot that no constituency seat has been won by the TPP.


It’s on the constitutional court now, personally I hope they make the correct decision, but I still stay with my original opinion that if DPP/Lai would have done it better, then we would not have been in this situation

The system rules are part of the election, not always fair, but another time it might work in our favor.

Losing 10 seats is a lot…

Well OK. I think we can agree we want good governance. But the dubious power grabbing moves (some which are being evaluated by the Constitutional Court) are currently coming from the KMT side.

William Lai took office on May 20, 2024. Are you seriously saying that his performance since late May has merited these likely unconstitutional moves in the LY? If so, that is quite the take!

EDIT: Plus what @hansioux wrote above.



Lai was the vice president for 6 years, premier for 2 years, also held chairman for 1 year… he was not a random guy picked up on the street without any past history….

The “unconstitutional moves” is up to the constitutional court to decide, however do you really think KMT would have done this if more people would have voted for DPP/Lai? So the root cause is still the same

Yes I understand that not everyone loves the DPP, and not everyone loves William Lai.

The extraordinary moves in the LY however do not look to me like good-faith governance. They look like reckless power grabbing moves that appear especially odd given the fact that the KMT lost the popular vote at all levels: presidential election, district LY election, party list election . . . They think that have a mandate to redo Taiwan’s consitutional order. I think the court will decide “no, they do not.”



shenanigans beget shenanigans. It’s going to be both fun and sad to watch

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Most of my friends here are DPP supporters and I agree with them that DPP is the best for Taiwan…. But… many of these DPP supporters don’t like Lai…

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Working in our favour is also unfair. I wouldn’t want it to work in our favour.
A system that allows a minority of votes to gain disproporationate power is inherently undemocratic.

Not a common election system in Europe, but we will see it in November again, when the few people in the US swing states will have the decision power

I am very much aware. That’s why I said that.

Stop the press.
Politicians exhibiting power grabbing moves.

It’s what people have been saying (have known) for ages. They are basically Chinese/CKMT. They have made it very apparent for a long enough time that there is no excuse to pretend people just wanted a new type of change, or whatever justification they have for either simply hating the DPP (understandable) or just being pro china/sheep (unaccetpable) :smiling_face_with_tear:

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So UK election which was won by labour with 34% of the vote and garnered absolute majority to change all laws without challenge is undemocratic. Labour could change the law to make elections held every ten years if they wanted to.

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Labour didn’t just win a tiny majority, and the UK elections have been swinging wildly between left and right, so when Tory had the majority, they did whatever they wanted as well. If that is not the desirable outcome, it’s time to change the voting system to STAR voting.

Also, it’s one thing that a party or coalition gains tiny or absolute majority and change the law to fulfill their campaign promises, that’s what we want out of a democracy to be honest, however, a totally different beast if they make unconstitutional laws without first amending the constitution.

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I don’t mean to waste anyone’s time, but does anyone know what this is about?

It seems to have inspired a song:

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Take the popocorns

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