220V, 50 Hz - 110V, 60 Hz


Anyone know what sort of transformer I would need to charge my cellphone in Bali?

Lonely Planet told me that Taiwan uses 110V, 60 Hz, and Indonesia uses 220V, 50 Hz .

You need to get a “travel charger” that not only compensates for these two starndard voltages, but includes a kit of different plugs. Travel chargers are extremely common and can be purchased at just about any cell phone/operator store. Just make sure that travel charger works with your cell phone model.

Or just buying a charger in Bali might be cheaper than buying a ‘travel transformer’.


When you get to Bali just go to Kuta Center…there are several phone shops there. If you need any help, let me know and I can have my girlfriend meet you…

Many current phones e.g newer Nokia and Sony brands, already have universal transformers (mine does)

It’s voltage range is 100-250V 50-60HZ, so you might just need a size or pin adapter. (Check yours)

If not, like O’Brian said, just buy one when you get there.

Gong Hua Shang Chang (the computer market under Song Jian Rd at Ba De Rd intersection) has the lowest prices on mini-transformer/plugs that do this job. As I recall they are about NT$200. Expect to pay double in the airport.

But as ‘subway52’ says check to see if you have a universal power supply first, in which case all you will need is the plug.

Many laptop computers, some battery chargers, some desktop computers and printers also have this 100-240V operational range. Read the label carefully to see. Some will say 100-120V, this is not the same thing!

I am a newspaper editor and save all sorts of excellent reference Web sites when I run across them.

Anytime you travel and have electricity doubts, here is the quintessential resource:


Cool, huh?

Your local RT mart should sell voltage converters, about 160NT as far as I remember. As was already mentioned, check your recharger first, it may be dual voltage. Remember, plugging a 220V device into a 110V outlet probably won’t do any harm, but a 110 into 220V and it and you are most likely zapped!