23 year old Taiwanese girl defeats Annika Sorenstam

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I know a 23 year old Taiwanese girl, but who is Annika Sorenstam?

They’re both professional good walk spoilers.

Candie Kung

Annika Sorenstam

Walk spoiler? My dictionary has walk and spoiler, but not walk spoiler. But never mind, after looking at the pictures I am not sure anymore about whether I want to know or not…

They play golf, which is otherwise known as a good walk spoiled. :wink:

Oh, I kind of figured that it was going to be boring. Shanx Annie Howl.

Just not your day sandman.

Which indeed it is. Can’t stand the game and neither could Mark Twain, the originator of the phrase Golf is a good walk spoiled, and my uncle Stanley, a frequent user of said quote…

Good heavens! Roach saying something I agree with. And two people agreeing with Sandman in one forum. This has to be a first.

Why? We always agree with Sandman.