24 hour Emergency Vets


Here are the numbers for some 24 hour animal hospitals

Beitou (North Taipei):

  1. (02) 2893-6119 ZhongYang N. Road, Sec.1 #149.

  2. (02) 2896-8406 (this guy isn’t actually 24 hours but he was willing to
    help a cat at 2am and answered his phone)

(South Taipei)

  1. (02) 2739-6828 TaiDa Animal Hospital Keelung Road, Section 3, #153

Please add to this list as you come accross veterinarians/animal hospitals that operate 24hours

台欣動物醫院 (Tai Shing Animal Hospital)
台北市松山區健康路187號 (187 Jiankang Road in Songshan District)
(02) 2528-5119
Speaks very minimal English

That number is for 24-hour emergency vet service as well.

Here is the list from Stray Dog:

Please suggest pinyin spellings to me and I’ll glady edit it.

Two phone numbers were wrong or not included, and 105 has no listing for them. If you know them, or find the, please advise.

  1. Kuting Animal Hospital. Taipei City, Roosevelt Road.
    Dr. Zhang 02-2369-3373

  2. Ming Ren Animal Hospital Taipei City, Renai Road.
    Dr. Tsai 02-2706-4987

  3. Chuen An Animal Hospital. Neihu Dong Hu Road.
    Dr. Lin 02-2633-6495

  4. An Kang Animal Hospital. Hsintien Ankang Road
    Dr. Jio 02-2211-9881 / 0959-247-980

  5. Dz Chiang Animal Hospital. Muzha. Xinlong Road
    Dr. Lin 02-2937-2852 / 0900-72799

  6. Jin Wong Animal Hospital. Taipei City. Qingdao East Road.
    Dr. Lan 02-2321-2580 / 0957-816-346

  7. Liang Ee Animal Hospital. Taipei City Bade Road.
    Dr. Hsieh 02-2761-5091

  8. Danshui Animal Hospital. Danshui, Zhongshan Road
    Dr. Lu 02-2621-7987

  9. Dzwan Xing Animal Hospital. Taipei City, Xinsheng South Road
    Dr. Hang 02-2363-7108

  10. Guo Tai Animal Hospital. Xizhi. Datong Road.
    Dr. Lin 02-26480866

  11. Hu Guang Animal Hospital. Neihu Wende Road
    Dr. Lin 02-2798-5005

  12. Chong Un Animal Hospital. Yonghe Yongli Road
    Dr. Yen 02-2231-2531

  13. Jia Hu Animal Hospital. Xinzhuang. Fushou Street
    Dr. Yang 02-8991-7815

  14. De Shun Animal Hospital. Taipei City. Yongkang Street
    Dr. Zhang 02-2392-6569

  15. Hwa Zhong Animal Hospital. Wan Hwa Wanda Road
    Dr. Wang 02-2332-8572

  16. Hwa Qiao Animal Hospital. Taipei City Heping West Road
    Dr. Zhang ???

  17. Ts Ren Animal Hospital Ruifeng Zhongshan Road
    Dr. Lin 02-2496-7272

  18. Lan Tien Animal Hospital Shilin. Wenlin Road
    Dr. Jio 02-2835-5967

  19. Shuang Shr (Double Ten) Animal Hospital. Banqiao Shuangshi Road
    Dr. Hoo 02-2250-2000

  20. Jio Jie (Old Street) Animal Hospital. Linkou Jiulin Road
    Dr. Yang ???

  21. Ai Xing Animal Hospital Taipei City, Guangfu South Road
    General 02-2345-1633

[quote]p.s. This is the vet that the cardio vet (above) recommends for non-office-hours emergencies:

Once again, I can’t read it, so I can’t even tell you where it is. Oops![/quote]

That was a hard one to find:

Heping W Rd Sec 1 No 156
2307 4801


is that huge list of 20 vets all open 24 hours? Or only during emergencies?

For emergencies. Maoman had to take Gustav to one at about 1.00 a.m., and, because no medication or treatment was needed, he didn’t have to pay a cent! :slight_smile:

I’m adding to the list:

Jia-Ching Animal Clinic 嘉慶動物醫院
Dr. Chia-Cheng Chu 朱家正
Nanjing East Rd. Sec. 4 #65
Tel: (02)2719-9191
Open 10am - 9pm Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday
24 Hour Emergency Service

Tonight, we came home after being out of the house for four hours to find our dog collapsed and shaking on the bathroom tiles with vomit all over his face, and shit smeared all over the apartment. He’d gotten into the trash and ate all that was ‘edible’ – a bunch of coffee grounds.

We were turned away from our local vet (pretty early on a Sunday evening) and redirected to an emergency vet that we couldn’t find, and we passed this clinic on our way to another emergency vet that was even further away.

They are very clean and had all sorts of equipment available to give him immediate blood tests, X-rays, IV drip… They were actually pretty busy despite having been ‘closed’ since 6pm, and they were very, very helpful and gentle and professional and we just took him to a good place.

Minimal English spoken. Lots of helpers on hand.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a 24 hour emergency vet in either Taichung or Ta-chia. ?

i’v been two place of Taipei city Vet 24 hours emergency…

I was very disapointed by those vets…

it is my whole my life regrets that i didn’t wait for until my cat’s usual vet open…

like Tai Ta… they looks like intern… :noway:
not real vets…
very even look like very very young. and they couldn’t do X-ray…
and they couldn’t do blood testing for why my cat have breath so hardly…
it was 3 am…

so i had to change to one the other…
but the other one… ask me to leave cat there…
then when i return that vet at 3 pm…
and i found my cat is already dead in their cage…
even doctor didn’t notice it.

so, plz keep very concern if ur cat must have see vet in emergency…
better ask ur own vet for the emergency service…

That’s a shame. :frowning:

Tai Da is open very late; you can just walk in at midnight and get seen.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jia-Ching Animal Clinic 嘉慶動物醫院, on NanJing E. Rd, just east of Dunhua, on the north side (it faces the zebra crossing near the police station, and is a couple of doors along from the Relax place for ‘stressed businessmen’).

Dr. Huang (and all the vets there) are fantastic. We took Noddy there at 11.30 at night (after calling first), and Dr. Huang tended to him until 1.30 in the morning, doing all kinds of tests and x-rays. He is a very kind person, and has thirteen cats and several dogs of his own, including a two-legged cat.

He also works with Meetpets, performing discounted spaying and neutering for their rescued strays.

All in all, I can’t recommend him enough, but he is the one I will always go to for late-night emergencies.


Anyone know of one in Jiayi?

I saw a sign for one a couple of months ago but it was close one night when I dorve by.

I meant to post this info awhile ago:

Carewell Animal Hospital
Xindian (Ankeng), Chezi Rd No. 8-2
8666 9595

This is a really big pet hospital, supplies store and kennels (for cats and dogs). They have a 24 hour service for emergencies (with ambulance!). The boarding facilities for sick animals and kennels for dogs and cats seem pretty good too. I think the vets are good and professional, and they gave us excellent prices looking after a stray dog, so I think their heart’s int he right place.

To get there you can cross the Bitan bridge and go straight, or come off the freeway at the Ankeng exit, and follow Ankang Rd straight for a while. It’s on the left just after the service station on the corner of Chezi Rd.

[Edit: They changed to smaller premises quite some time ago - I’ve edited the address. Now follow the directions above, but just BEFORE the service station on the left, turn left up Chezi Rd and it’s not far up, on your left]


We tried calling Jia Ching, Cardiovet, and the Ankang Vet Clinic tonight (3 a.m.) and none were responding.

Carewell seemed to be the only one who could help.

Can someone translate?

[quote]台北市 Taipei City
金旺動物醫院 台北市青島東路33-2號 02-23212580
漢民動物醫院 台北市和平西路一段156號 02-2307-4801 夜間先以電話聯絡
中正犬貓醫院 台北市重慶南路三段60-4號 02-2305-4880必須先成為客戶才接受急診
正吉動物醫院 台北市羅斯福路5段136-1號 02-2934-7505
古亭動物醫院 台北市羅斯福路二段138號 02-2369-3373 夜間先以電話聯絡
名人動物醫院 台北市仁愛路4段48巷23號 02-27064987
隆記動物醫院 台北市民生東路5段63號 02-27607639 02-27466888
東宏家畜醫院 台北市吉林路432號 02-2595-7366 必須先成為客戶才接受急診
良友動物醫院 北市吉林路121-1號 02-2723-2369 台夜間急診:2541-6270、0936-214-124
太僕動物醫院 台北市龍江路260號 02-2517-0902 夜間先以電話聯絡
黃動物醫院 台北市民權東路一段46號 02-2562-4249 夜間先以電話聯絡
和的獸醫院 台北市民權東路二段152巷22弄2號 02-2508-1009 夜間急診電話︰090-235-377
德生動物醫院 台北市永康街7巷2號 02-2392-6569 夜間先以電話聯絡
華德動物醫院 台北市和平東路三段26號 02-2378-0228 夜間急診電話︰0936-335-058
華欣家畜醫院 台北市復興南路二段17號 02-2705-4895、2708-8357 夜間先以電話聯絡
泰山動物醫院 台北市光復南路52號 02-2579-2650 急診電話:2507-4513、0938-006-050
台灣動物醫院 台北市忠孝東路2段74號 02-23412128
蘭恩動物醫院 台北市八德路2段379號 02-87732379 0938036638
全陽動物醫療中心 台北市八德路四段305號 02-2762-7945 在答錄機留話30分鐘內回電
良醫動物醫院 台北市八德路4段188號 02-27615091
華中動物醫院 台北市萬大路259號 王醫師 02-2332-8572
華僑動物醫院 (台北和平西路) 張醫師 02-2308-8728 091221926
日健動物綜合醫院 台北市光復北路6-2號 02-2570-7508 夜間先以電話聯絡
上群動物醫院 台北市光復南路290巷45號 02-2775-3007 必須先成為客戶才接受急診
辰龍動物醫院 台北市吳興街478號 02-2758-4351 夜間先以電話聯絡
育盛動物醫院 台北市松德路22號 02-2345-0122 夜間先以電話聯絡
鴻運動物醫院 台北市信義區永吉路188號 02-27672730 0936046245
全安動物醫院 台北市內湖區東湖路113巷54號 02-26336495
湖光動物醫院 台北市內湖區文德路163號 02-27985005
佳欣動物醫院 台北市內湖區內湖路二段383號 060-019-562 十分鐘內回電
內湖家畜醫院 台北市內湖路一段341-2號 02-2799-2011 夜間急診︰0935-480-743
躍犬綜合動物醫院 台北市文山區景文街88號 02-2933-0963 在答錄機留話30分鐘內回電
自強動物醫院 台北市文山區興隆路四段108號 02-2937-2852 夜間先以電話聯絡

基隆 Kee-Long
成安動物醫院 基隆市中山區成功二路54號 02-2423-3739 只接受外科急診
仁愛家畜醫院 基隆市孝二路35號 02-2428-7653 夜間先以電話聯絡

台北縣 Taipei County
山盟動物醫院 台北縣新莊市復興路2段90號 02-22775160
上哲動物醫院 台北縣淡水鎮學府路4號(淡水捷運站對面) 02-26225750
淡水動物醫院 台北縣淡水鎮中山路159-2號 02-26217987
慈仁動物醫院 台北縣瑞芳鎮中山路9號 02-24967272
安康動物醫院 台北縣新店安康路2段142巷1弄1號1F 02-22119881
崇恩動物醫院 台北縣永和市永利路95號 02-22312531
愛生動物醫院 台北縣三重市自強路5段48號 02-29804982
佳護動物醫院 台北縣新莊福壽街212號 02-89917815
聖安動物醫院 台北縣新莊市復興路二段10號1樓(中港路口)02-22776711 (24小時急診)
舊街動物醫院 台北縣林口竹林路45號 02-26014188
國泰動物醫院 台北縣汐止鎮大同路一段317號 02-2648-0866
福壽動物醫院 台北縣新莊福壽路 楊醫師 02-8991-7815
慈仁動物醫院 台北縣瑞芳鎮中山路9號 02-2496-7272
亞東動物醫院 台北縣中和市中正路639號 急診專線:0952-605051

桃園縣 Tao-Yuan
南崁動物醫院 桃園縣蘆竹鄉南崁中正路379號 03-3520136 092018449

新竹 Hsin-Chu
光華動物醫院 新竹市水田街214之1號 03-5439840(24小時急診)

台中 Tai-Chung
春天動物醫院 台中市進化北路302號(永興街口) 04-2350838
高生動物醫院 台中市英才路497號 04–327-7443 24小時

嘉義 Jia-Yee
民族動物醫院 嘉義市民族路776號 05-2289595

台南 Tai-Nan
台南市慈愛動物醫院(總院) 台南市西門路一段473號 06-2203166

屏東 Ping-Dong
大同動物醫院 屏東市民族路222號 08-7339215[/quote]

And please let me know how you get on with any of these. Thanks.

We had an emergency just before midnight on Sunday. We called Ta-Da Animal Hospital in Keelung Road and apparently they aren’t open 24 hours anymore. We were finally helped at Top Vet in Longjiang Road. We were there until 6am in the morning. The 2 vets that were there spoke excellent English, and they even texted the next day to hear if everything was okay.

Top Vet
Emergency number 0928242358

Drive north on Fushing North Road,
Turn left into Minsheng East Road,
Turn right into Longjiang Road,
It’s on your left

Those are my guys. They also have intensive care unit, 24 hour care for seriously ill pets.

We trek every week all the way from Xindian just for their service.

Thanks so much for posting that list. Our dachshund had a bad allergic reaction to something tonight. I was able to find this vet which was still open and within walking distance thanks to you.

Thanks so much for posting that list. Our dachshund had a bad allergic reaction to something tonight. I was able to find this vet which was still open and within walking distance thanks to you.[/quote]

Glad it came in useful. Hope the dacky’s OK.

Yes. He left home with his face all swollen up, hives all over his body and looking miserable and came back wagging his tail and wanting to play with his squeaky ball.

Squeaky ball? Sounds painful!