24*seven magazine hits Taipei Sept. 16th

Just wanted to let everyone know that the popular foreign magazine from Taichung, 24seven, is making its debut in Taipei. This is a free foreign community magazine that covers many different topics including expat confessions, restaurant / bar / party reviews, dj and band listings, travel, arts and culture, sex and love, movies and music and everything in between. Whatever you do for fun, entertainment, food, drink or sport, 24seven will print it (well…not absolutely everything). :wink:

Since 24*seven is a community magazine, we encourage people to write in about their experiences, good or bad, while living in Taiwan. If you had an awesome restaurant experience, know where the cleanest shitter is, know where some cool sites are for sightseeing, hiking or watching the sunset, have found the best way to learn Chinese, know how to pick up a guy / girl anywhere anytime, have some keen insight into the cultural differences, have an experience that you just have to share or anything else you may want to write / rant about, send it to us. Please send article submissions to twentyfour7taiwan@yahoo.com.

We also print a monthly event listing for Taipei and Taichung in each issue so if you have an event that you would like us to print, please send it to me at r_richards@organizedflirting.com. We strive to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of monthly events from Taipei to Taichung.

If you own a business and you want to target the foreign community, call me to ask about advertising rates.

Look for the magazine at foreign haunts including bars / restaurants / lounges, hotels / hostels etc.


Reese Richards
24*seven magazine, Taipei

Are Maxim(and others in that genre) readers still the target audience? It seems amazing that it’s now aiming for a real heights rather than just entertainment value for males under 30. I did notice the listings in it before but it really came across like a lad’s mag despite the fact a few articles were written by women.

Sorry if that seems critical of the mag but that’s what it was like when I read it. Anyway, congratulations on branching your circulation out.

Can you provide some specific names of places we can get it?
Is it available now?

What is the pay rate per word for articles…or is this a work for free deal?

Always on the hunt for places that pay for words.

take care,
Brian La Greed

Yes. That genre of magazine is basically the style of writing that you can expect from 24*seven.

[quote]I did notice the listings in it before but it really came across like a lad’s mag despite the fact a few articles were written by women.

Correct again Matchstick. The magazine has something like a 75 - 25 male to female readership and contribution ratio. This is just the ratio of the articles that get submitted, believe us ladies, there’s no prejudism.

[quote]Can you provide some specific names of places we can get it?
Is it available now?[/quote]

The debut issue doesn’t come out in Taipei until Sept 16th but there are some back issues floating around the city. You may still be able to find last months issue at Alleycats, The Shannon, Carnegies, 45 pub and Ali Baba’s kitchen. When we distribute the magazine on Sept. 16th, I will post the rest of the places where you can get the mag.

Unfortunately, like most magazines, the first couple of years are spent struggling to make enough money to print the mag. Since this is a full colour magazine, costs run high and therefore we cannot pay for submissions. So…all you get is the deep satisfaction of seeing your article in print, bragging rights to your friends and co-workers that you are a published writer and the internal gratification that your words may inspire some good in the world, invoke a laugh or two or help your fellow man to avoid the same mistakes that you have made / seen while here in Taiwan.

For several reasons, we have decided to go back to our roots and follow the month to month schedule for the magazine as we did when we first started. Therefore, the launch in Taipei will be postponed until Oct. 1st.

With the magazine moving back to the beginning of each month rather than the middle, it allows us to gather more pertinent info about upcoming events and the like as the large majority of clubs / bars / pubs put out their event calendars on a monthly basis.

If you have any comments on the magazine, its content, advertising, supplying articles / opinions etc, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Reese Richards
24*seven magazine

A good friend of mine wrote several articles for your mag, asked for nothing more than a couple of extra copies, and was ignored… :noway:

Utterly unimpressed in Yangmei…:no-no:

There’s WRITING in those things? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Come on, there’s only ONE selling point in those mags. How much of it does 24*7 contain? And is it as horribly airbrushed as the garbage we know and love from Maxim?

Maxim, FHM: providing hand relief to spotty children without the balls to buy real porn since 19xx. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry for the delay folks but it has been a busy month getting things ready for the launch here in Taipei. Well, hold your breath no longer and run out, hunt down and get your hands on your free copy of 24*seven. As of this writing, you can find the magazine at any of these locations:


Do you have a copywrite on this new word?

Another publication cheerfullty ignoring the former capital known as Tainan…hoo huuummm… :frowning:

no deleteable messages?

I’ve got a bunch issues of yours over the last couple years. You guys have printed some crazy shit. Scooter joust??? Yeah baby.

Rock on.

Just so y’all know 24Seven is no more.
They’re teaming up with Taiwannights.com to produce a new magazine, name yet unknown.
Format will be completely different, along with more fashion/lifestyle based content.
Taiwanese doesn’t have to worry; they’re gunning for a completely different market.