24hr vet?


Anyone know anyone 24hr, or emergency type clinic for small animals? My gf decided to get a bunny and now it’s not walking right and is acting weird. We live in taipei city. She scared the hospitals will close tm from the typhoon.


I don’t have any firsthand experience with vets here, and I don’t know anyone who does, so I can’t guarantee the information in this post.

This information originally came from one of tommy525’s posts on the old board:


This was tommy’s original link:


There’s an old thread with lots of information, but I don’t know whether or which of it is up-to-date:

I hope this helps, or at least does no harm, and I also hope y’all stay safe during the foul weather.


@Icon will know the ins and outs, but gf’s roommate went to this one…



Here’s a complete list in Chinese. Just look under Taipei City 台北市, which is the first block of lists.

Even though many says they are 24 hours, it’s best to call ahead just to be sure.


Please be careful at these pet stores if you want a rabbit. The vet said they need to be at least 4 weeks old before they should be taken away from the mothers getting nutrition from milk. Sold her the rabbit at 1 week which is a really fragil time saying it was easy.


If you’re still in need of a vet, you can try calling these guys:


Jia-Ching Animal Clinic
T: 02 8787 9121 / 02 8787 9151

They were terrific help with some puppies I rescued.
Good luck with your rabbit. I hope it pulls through.


Complete and utter scumbags they are, pet breeders here.

Hope the bunny makes it, but at 1 week, ‘fragile’ is an understatement. You’ll probably need special formula to feed it.


Looks like it’s ok for now. But we have to wake up and watch it every few hours. As small rabbits at this ages condition can deteriorate really fast. They can be fine one hour and die by the next. It’s sad they sold the rabbit to owners at that age and don’t even explain it. And yes. We got a special formula for rabbits this age and condition.