250cc 2 Strokes out in 2011

New 600cc 4-stroke class to replace 250cc from 2011

motogp.com/en/news/2008/New+ … +from+2011

I don’t know how everyone else feels about this but I think they’ve kind of fucked up, too much commercialism.

Who wants 600cc 4 strokes as a feeder class for 800cc 4 strokes? According to that guy that runs the KTM team in 250s, the only people who want it are Honda. All the other factories are against it.

Maybe I’m looking through rose tinted spectacles a bit but I remember looking in awe at the 500cc 2 strokes and thinking they were mad bikes. Twice the capacity of a 250, twice the power, a bit heavier (the weight limit for 500s was 110kg until 1993 or 1994) mean machines that were very much more difficult to ride than a 250.

Now I can easily see a guy jumping off a 600 and onto an 800 and winning, because there isn’t going to be much difference between them. For me it’s going to take away the mysticism and awe of the blokes who race in GPs.

I’d take GP1 back to 990 or 1000cc and have GP2 at 500 twins so there was a big difference between the first and second classes.

Well at least we have a few more years left. Does seem like corporate strong arming. Hopefully the 2 strokes dont die out completely. I don’t see the 125 class getting replaced. It was my dream to race a 250 :cry:
“I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me.” -Morpheus

YZF-R125 cup in Italy, are big bore 180cc R125s with 18hp the future of racing perhaps?

I saw an R125 on Ruten, $280,000. Why oh why didn’t they make it a 250…

motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport … -launched/

Honda wants to be very green. Greener than Toyota in every way. Someone at Honda forgot that Toyota don’t make motorcycles, either that, or no Toyota means more green for Honda.