280€ from TPE to EU (Summer 2022)

Some good deals Europe on Scoot Air Lines.



That’s a pretty decent schedule too, landing in Athens at 9:00 am.

I must say though that this long haul LCC thing is . . . not very fun sounding, even with a decent schedule like the Scoot flight you mentioned.


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I flew them to Sydney a few years ago. The 787 airplane is good, same as Qantas as far as seat size, but the AirBus320 is smaller, and seats more packed in so try to choose the bigger airplane. On the 787 the main difference was you need buy food, I just got food at Changi Airport which has lots nice local food (if you like Singapore/Malaysian food , also 7-11 inside) and no free beer and wine. Some of the crew was Taiwanese as well SE Asian & Japanese and friendly to chat with on the longer flights .


It says 450 € but still a good price

Depends on what month you book. OP’s link is in September and is currently €261. The July price is €355.