2nd hand English books


I’ll be in New Taipei City for the next couple of weeks and forgot to bring books with me from Bangkok. I had people refer me to eslite, but, I was wondering if there are any 2nd hand bookstores or book exchanges that have a decent amount of books in english language?

Thank you!

Coda is the only place that comes immediately to mind - decent little restaurant near Taida, with quite a few shelves of secondhand books.

Millie’s used books is located across from the new library (near the 85 building) in Kaohsiung. It has a pretty good selection of books in English.

There are a couple of Millie’s in Taida area. There are like 20 used bookstores there, so a nice outing is to stroll around Taida, have some afternoon tea, sample the cafes and used bookstores. They still have the sales at the Water Park, right?

I am partial to SPBook -at Taipower Building MRT station- and Millie because they are quite clean and organized and the books are in better shape. Grandma Nitties still has some, as Coda. There is your meal -brunch especially recommended- and book combo.

You can get a library card with just a passport. There is quite a good selection of English books at the libraries. If I were you, I’d consider getting an e-reader like a Kindle, too.

There is one by Gongguan. They have an okay selection of secondhand English books, as well as a bunch in French and German.
This is the location: google.com.tw/maps/@25.0160 … !2e0?hl=en
It’s in that blue “door” next to the food stand. On the second floor.

Gongguan has a lot of 2nd hand bookstores of good quality. I would opt for the Kindle, though.

I have a large bag of pulp fiction books: John Grisson, Lee Child, etc.
Free for your reading pleasure.

If you are still looking. I have a large bag with a variety of pulp fiction: Free.