2nd hand market?


My things are breaking down left right and centre… time to replace some stuff!
My kids also grew out of their things so i want to sell them.
Ive been trying to find 2nd hand market websites but i only found facebook which is inefficient as they are not categorized and there isn’t that many posts. Is there a taiwanese kijiji?
What do the taiwanese do with stuff they no longer need? When they move?
Are there 2nd hand shops?
Are there garage sales?
Where can i donate stuff?
Is it ok for me to put stuff on my door step with a sign that says 免费?
Im mostly looking for children’s stuff in the second hand market. Toys, clothes
Im in kiaosiung.
Thanks In advance!


Yep, there is Kijiji www.kijiji.com.tw

Personal favorite is Yahoo Kimo bid: www.tw.bid.yahoo.com

To give away, it si very simple: try the elderly people who push their carts along the road. If not, Buddist Charity Tzu Chi will take large and small stuff off your hands gratefully as a donation.

The sign thing is not as common, would freak people out me thinks. Too embarrassing, moreover.

International schools hold garage sales like twice a year. Great bargains from people leaving the Island. I’d say best chance is to get in touch with other foreign moms in the vicinity for play dates and clothes exchange.

Locals do not like to buy 2nd hand that so much, but recently there are a couple of store chains that focus on that market.

Books at Mollie. They have one in Kaohsiung, at least, I have bought from them. www.mollie.com.tw


Not sure where you’re at, but this is exactly what I did when moving from Hualian back to Taoyuan. I put everything out early in the morning in front of my apartment building, went out for a drive, and it was ALL gone by the time I came back for lunch. (Since you’re in Taiwan you may want to write 免費)


Im in kaohsiung, ive never seen anyone put out stuff on the streets, nor garage sales, nor storage units, so i wonder what people do with the stuff they dont want. But maybe ill try with the 免费sign and see how that goes.


I really wouldn’t. I would try the local recycling ama first. Seriously, if people do not like fioreigners in your hood, they might think you’re uppity. Or call Tzu Chi.


If you want to try to make some money, Facebook groups are great, plenty of taiwanese and foreigners looking for low prices…
The ama in our area was very happy to help us recycle a lot of stuff that we didn’t need/want from the previous owner of our home.


Thanks for the info. I dont think i have a local ama. Though i have seen them in other areas. I used to have a clothing donation box near my place but it got removed (thankfully after i stuffed it with clothes). Does the donation centre you mentioned take everything? Like clothes, household stuff…etc


Yes, Tzu Chi is pretty much the Red Cross of Taiwan.


Yes, and they might even come to your house if you have furniture or big stuff to give away.