2nd kid costas and kid desk ?'s

We’re having our 2nd child and I’d like to know how much more I’ll need to be budgeting a month for #2. Right now we burn about $40,000NT a month for the 3 of us. I can see #2 costing about $10,000NT a month more. Would this be accurate? Wifey is/will be a stay at home mom and if she’s lucky still be able to retain her one day a week work schedule in Taipei after #2. She’s currently had no luck finding anything here and we really like having her be a stay at home mom.

Kid’s desk for my 1.5 year old for drawing, painting, play doh and youtube. I’m thinking to give wifey more time to do things and relax about putting a desk and chair in my computer room to keep Princess Brat busy, playing and entertained. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to buy such a desk and chair? We’re thinking of looking at Ikea for it. We definitely want her playing with play doh and drawing soon.

Ikea has some ok to nice ones at a wide range of prices. Ikea also has some great tools for kids to use at their desk that are well-priced, like small white/blackboards, “stuff” holders, playdough tools…

We found our desk yahoo auction. It’s a used preschool desk and it was 100nt. The chairs are from the local furniture place.

The plastic Little Tykes style ones are expensive but the good thing is they have no rough edges for kids to run into and they are usually very stable. Lots of families in the Taipei Playgroup are moving this time of year. If you posted a wanted to buy on http://www.parentpages.net, you might get one offered to you at a good price.