2nd overstay... in a row

Well, the title says it all. I overstayed a few months ago, and due to my being between jobs, I don’t have the money to go until Jan. 10th (20 days after visa expires).
So, will I be let back in if I overstay again?
Im American, let me know if you need more info.
Thanx in advance!

2 overstays, paperless scooter getting towed etc.

I really don’t want to sound condescending here, but it’s about time you did the right thing at some point.
I seriously suggest leaving before the deadline, especially if you’d like to come back. (although, if the financial situation for you hasn’t worked out this time, I’d wonder why you’d want to come back)

Yeah, if you don’t care about coming back, just overstay and pay the fine when you leave. Otherwise, you’d better pull your finger out and man up, because you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do if you want to continue staying here. Officials here REALLY don’t like young foreigners taking the piss out of them.

Ha, I see what your saying. Let me explain:
I was working at a job in the countryside in Miaoli County, I left when I finished my contract to go to a … um… more exciting place. I went to Kaohsiung (thinking it would have the advantages of not being Taipei, and big enough not to bore me). I looked for a school that I would like. I spendt almost 3 months looking and consequently blowing thru my savings. So then I moved to Taipei about a month ago and found another job that I really enjoy. But now my money is almost zero, and I won’t get paid until mid-january.
Oh, and the scooter incedent… all i can do is sigh, and admit to when I made a mistake :slight_smile:

Does your new boss know about the situation? What does he/she recommend doing?

If you really don’t want him/her to know that you’re broke, I guess you’ll have to borrow the visa run money from someone. I don’t fancy your chances of being let back in after a second overstay.

Erm, if you’ve got a new job sorted, can’t you get a letter from the boss to say he’s applying for a new ARC or something? And then maybe you can get an extension based on that? (Please wait for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to add their comments to that suggestion.)

irishstu is on the mark. A couple years ago I was in the exact same position as the OP: Broke, new job but first pay a month away, and visitor visa running out.

I suggest you talk to your laoban and explain that you need to get your visa extended or you will have to leave the country. Laobans generally don’t like giving employees time off for anything, so he/she should be willing to trot on down to the FAP; you in tow, paperwork in hand.

I’ve only ever dealt with the folks at the FAP three times, but they always seemed a reasonable bunch.

Bottom line: DON’T OVERSTAY

I overstayed once and they gave me a lengthy ban.

Not worth it, unless you don’t want to come back.

Keep in mind the FAP fine you, and the tax office.

Dont overstay , its bad juju juice to them. Says you are bad kharma and voodoo :slight_smile: or whatever, to them.

Gone are the days when all they do is give you a verbal dressing down and a 120nt fine for overstaying by 4 years (like my buddy did once).

Hmmmm…didn’t you learn something the first time?

Open season far as I’m concerned. No need to feel guilty.

If you can’t outwit an ROC official you may as well go home anyway.

Did they put a stamp in your passport when you overstayed before? You really don’t want one of those things, they’ll bring it up forever at visa applications, immigration etc.