3,000 Dead in North Korea train crash

3,000 dead in North Korea train crash

As if the people of that country didn’t have enough tragedy already. A moment of silence, please.

That’s a big number. Shurely shome mishtake ?

Drinking soju and eating kimche then lighting the farts is a mistake.

That figure includes injuries, not just stiffs, according to Yahoo News earlier.
The total number killed may never be known.

Why couldn’t it have happened just 9 hours earlier…?

[quote]A picture is beginning to emerge in North Korea of the scale of Thursday’s rail disaster close to China’s border.

In the first independent account, the Red Cross said the train blast killed at least 54 people and injured 1,200.

But diplomatic sources in Pyongyang say the figure is much higher, as reports indicate the blast happened when two wagons of dynamite hit a live wire. [/quote]