3/27 demo and others - what a riot!

Some questions:
Do you think there is a need to have a demo at all?
Will Lien - Soong ask the demonstrators to protest peacefully?
Is a riot inevitable?
Should CSB use his emergency powers to order a recount to put an end to the demonstrations and restore calm, or is the threat of a big ugly demo a kind of blackmail: ‘you order a recount right now, or we start rioting’?

I hope it rains in torrents on Saturday.

Quick, let’s all pray, and pray hard, for a massive typhoon.

the goons will come to town - I will steer clear of that area.

What do you think will happen?

Strong enough to blow them all the way to China, where they belong.

We need CAL to crash one of its planes again.
CSB will be blamed for setting it up, naturally.

It seems that the warcry in the demo is not going to be ‘recount’, but ‘hold another election’.

I guess that KMT will pull all the stops and make it big.

Violence seems to be a realistic risk

What could possibly be the point of this? No one is going to vote again. The campaign is over. Now it is up to the recount, which Chen has agreed to, but the baby blues can’t wait for :unamused: .
This seems like a blatent rehersal for some sort of civil insurrection after the recount when Chen ‘wins’ again, as he will.
Sick, sick, sick… :fume:

I think if Lien or Soong do not make a specific plea for a peaceful demonstration, they will have to share some of the blame IF a riot breaks out.

As far as I am concerned, they already share the blame for what happened SAturday night here in Taichung as well as down in Kaohsiung. Mayor Ma is showing that he is a party hack and not a visionary mayor by “legalizing” this illegal and disruptive demostration.

Those poor students taking their finals next week at nearby schools.

Of course they’ll call for a peaceful demonstration. But that’s not really enough in itself or, given their behavior so far, a real measure of their approach to the matter. Remember Saturday night? Lien first told everyone to be calm. But then came an emotional torrent of accusations – certainly not voiced in a way designed to calm the anyone.

Well, if this is all in Taipei, come on down to Taichung on Saturday. Fortunately, this city is completely back to normal - except for some slanderous Lien-Song flyers floating around.

Lien and Soong are trying to make this look like a people power insurrection like in the Philippines with Cory Aquino. They want power and they want it fast. The riots, er, demo, on Saturday will lead to …(I dare not mention the word for fear of fear mongering again…) but you all know what we are talking about. LienSoong seem willing to go the distance, come what may. And what may come is not good for Taiwan, or the world, or (us). There goes the Taiex, there goes the neighborhood, there goes the island. If Taiwan ever needed a miracle, it needs one now. Otherwise …

The following possibly unexpected people have expressed their support for the pan-Blues’ protest:

Uerkesh Daolet (Wuerkaixi): One of the student leaders in the Tiananmen protests in Beijing in 1989, smuggled out of China following June 4 and went to the US. He is now married and living in Taiwan. He spoke on the protest platform in Kaitagelan Avenue and appeared on TV. He entirely supports the pan-Blues’ contention that the elections were unfair. He says they should lay off the assassination issue unless and until they get proof it was faked.

Hsu Hsin-Liang (Xu Xinliang): Former exiled dissident and former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Department. He has started a hunger strike in support of the pan-Blue demands.

Hey biker,

Wang Yongqing, chairman of the Formosa group, supports the notion that the blue boys should go home.

Get rid of that bike.

Barbara please

Like you don’t know he’s bitter because he lost out in DPP’s internal power play (he thought it was his “turn” to run for president not A-Bian’s). How many pitiful votes did he get 4 years ago? He was a hero of the dissident movement; who gives a shitling about the backstabber now?

So he’s staging a hunger strike? chuckle… I’ll personally go down there with a bucket of fried chicken and wave it under his nose.

Do you know if this is going to be a “real” hunger strike or one of that odd new brand of “rotating” hunger strikes already seen in Taiwan: “I pledge not to eat anything for at least eight whole hours or so, after which time someone will come take my place not eating while I go chow down at the Hyatt.”

Two words: Bobby Sands.
Remember that guy?
Let’s see if HHL can beat Bobby’s record of 65 days.

Let’s get some money together and have some styrofoam lunch boxes printed up with the DPP logo and pictures of President Chen taking the oath of office last time, etc.

Then we can go down to the Presidential Office Building on March 28th and thereafter and pass out these empty lunch boxes to all the people there . . . . . in support of their hunger strike !!

Maybe some of the international news media will praise us for trying to use “humor” to defuse such a difficult situation !!

Which proves that aside from being bereft of talent, Mr. Wu is also feeble-minded.