3 Bands, 1 DJ, and 2 Beers for only 300NT! 11/16

Hello everyone! I’d like to post this event up.

LIVE 11/16/2012 @ Freedom Ocean

The Ever So Friendlies
DJ Wei-Wei

This posts title says the price, which includes two bottles of Heineken beer, with the admission ticket. Cheapest in town!

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We are trying to put a little life back into the dying music scene of inner Taichung City. Since the unfortunate and devastating fire at the A-La pub earlier this year, many venues that were easily accessible for music lovers have been forced or pressured into closing their doors. This leaves people with only a small handful of great remaining venues, still trying hard to keep live music going. We are trying to contribute what we can to that, by organizing our own event at a place that does not normally do live music, with hopes that it might catch on if the show is a success. It’s not simply about one show; It is about the big picture of proving again that live music definitely has it’s place in Taichung City, and deserves to be celebrated. Thanks!