3 day vacation with a one year old

where is good place to take a 1 year old on a 3 day vacation. I like to just take a simple package tour with little or no hiking. I’m not that interested in nature but I want a simple ,clean and safe little mini vacation.
I’ve heard about farms where you can go visit and stay the night. I live in hsien dien but would like to go somewhere a little further away from the city

I visited this place a while ago, here is my description from another discussion board. It’s in San Shia, it might be what you are looking for, the grounds are really beautiful and the place was really nice, with a little park your one-year old would enjoy if he/she is at the standing up/beginning to walk stage. The pools were nice, too. Don’t know your budget though, you can call the guy listed below, I found him very helpful. (It’s near nature - national park right behind the hotel and walking trails there - but certainly not a “roughing it” feel.)

San Shia: Dabangan Resort - a five-star hot-spring resort. They have huge parks, gardens, a little rain forest, hiking trails, nice coffee shops… It’s really clean and I was impressed with the service. To go to the outdooor pools area on the weekend is $450 per adult for 90 minutes, $250 for kids. You can just go and enjoy the grounds for $250/150. Their cheaper rooms are booked up a few weeks ahead for weekends, but apparantly weekdays are not busy at all. There are buses to the resort, but I didn’t get to see which ones…

Their reception assistant manager Michael Liu speaks really good English, and he welcomes queries.

There are a couple of fun places for kids to visit near the resort, and lots of hiking areas and a river, but I don’t have much info on those.

website: http://www.dabangan.com.tw
tel for Michael: reception - 2674-9228. cell - 0916-647-593.