3 Foreign Sailors Lost at Sea

Hello Everyone! One our good buddies and founder of one of the most popular restaurants in Taitung City, is currently missing at sea with two other men.

The reason for this post is an attempt to find some sort of media outlet for a possible media campaign and donation platform. Because the search and rescue may possibly come to an end soon (we’re currently at 6 days with only 1 day left), we’re desperate for an avenue to keep pressure on the authorities for a continued search operation.

Anyone who knows about media campaigns or how to implement fundraising techniques, please let us know.


Here’s hoping they will be found. Will check the page

Pete? Holy Shit! Where can I find more info?

Because of Pete’s popularity here in Taiwan, I think a lot of people are interested in helping out as much as possible. I simply don’t know the other two men, but I’m certain they also have families that are highly concerned. Anyone with info on how to pressure the U.S. authorities from Taiwan, please let us know.

Good guy… hope they are found safe soon.

I hope things work out well for everyone. I have not seen any news about this.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post names here but the guys with him were apparently fairly experienced in the water.

I think they have instruction on the site, which you could follow and start yours.

you could contact to apple daily here. Do you have any local person who would help to post in Chinese?

Did the police or coast guard already publish the incident? I think family could ask the police to publish it to media, and media would report the news.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

truly sorry to hear that @robzone.
from Japan to Hawaii is one big ocean.
Do not know how “involved” Taiwan authorities can even get, given the sailing path they were taking would unlikely include Taiwan waters.
I second @tando and her link tp Apple Daily website. If you cannot read Chinese, use google translation. Best wishes

I’m not sure if media report in Taiwan would be any help on this incident.

Is the news reported in Japan?

They were last in open-ocean like roughly halfway between Japan/here and Hawaii. Not even close to Taiwan so really no hope to find them around Taiwan.

And storm.

Report incorrectly says his pizza restaurant is in Taitung, Japan, and his wife is Japanese. It is of course here in Taiwan, and his wife is Taiwanese. I gave Tennessee Pete his first job in Taiwan; I hope they find him.


As discussed above, this isn’t really a Taiwan matter – the sailors and the boat are not Taiwanese, and the waters are nowhere near Taiwan. An Apple Daily article therefore seems superfluous to me. But what I think doesn’t matter – far more importantly, it is perhaps not what the families involved want to deal with right now.

The USCG and Navy are on the case and I for one am optimistic that the boys will be found safe and sound in the next few days. I’ve sailed with all three of these guys and they are all solidly resourceful individuals. The skipper and first mate (i.e., the other two guys) are extremely experienced sailors under tough conditions so they know what to do in situations like this. That said, I’m also praying.

From a very practical perspective, those of you who are US citizens can most effectively help by contacting the offices of your congressional representatives and letting them know that this is a matter that is of importance to you. This would very much help to keep the focus on finding our friends soon. Send emails but also pick up the phone and call their offices. Let them know that you appreciate the awesome job that the Coast Guard and Navy have done so far, but that you understand it’s a big ocean and you fully support the continuation of the search until the boys are found.


Wow. Didnt realize they went MIA. I really hope theya re found or get to land somewhere safely. Very shitty situation, but all bets are on their resourcefulness.

They found them! :grinning: :pray: :call_me_hand:

I don’t know the details but it shouldn’t be long before they are picked up.

Go US Coast Guard!!! I resolve to give up bitching about global taxation, for at least a month, in 2020.


Great, great news!

What a great news to end 2019! Can you post any news links? TIA!

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