3 Foreign Sailors Lost at Sea

Great that they were found! Since the story has a happy ending, wanted to share this article on how SAR happens and the USCG scientist who pioneered modern techniques : https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/opinion/articles/2019-10-15/lifesaving-coast-guard-scientist-reflects-on-government-service


Most updates are coming from his FB page, which his sister is posting on. Last I heard they were spotted and intercepted by a larger boat, but the larger boat had no equipment to transfer them aboard. The guy from Taitung who makes is pizza is unhurt, but the other two guys have concussions.


Well they are very very fortunate. Well done to all who helped.



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Who’s Pete?

He had his brief moment of fame online when some idiot posted shit about him. Instead she ended up getting wrecked.:grin:

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Well those women are morons. Good that they were put into their places.


Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! :banana:

Old-timer. Been around Taiwan for twenty years (?). Runs a pizza parlor in Taitung, has an M.A. in Chinese art, plays a mean banjo. All-round good guy.
Ironically, his M.A. thesis was on differing depictions of the sea in Western and Chinese art.

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This place?

Uncle Pete’s Pizza
No. 167, Section 1, Linhai Road, Taitung City

For anyone with a few spare bucks, the Taidung pizza guy’s family is trying to raise some money so that Mrs. and Jr. can meet him upon arrival in Honolulu when the ship arrives on Thursday.

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What a joke. $6000?!

Get his dumbass onto a plane home and invest the money in his kids future for when he does something stupid again.


Damn straight. If your gonna risk your life at sea, you better be damn sure to bring some sperm oil back.

Satellite transponder for one.

glad Pete is safe. Was fearing the worst when I saw this fred.

So did they make it back from Hawaii? And is everybody okay now?

Time to write a book and get a movie deal.