3 month old puppy needs a new foster home and an escort to Seattle. 3/5/2012

Hi All,

I found a puppy on the street. We took her in and have been caring for her. We don’t have time to walk her as often as she needs. I believe she is a Formosa mix. She is now roughly 11 weeks old and black. She weighs about 30 lbs.

Salty Dog rescue has agreed to take the puppy and find her a forever home in Seattle. The problem being, I don’t know of anyone to escort her on a flight. Puppy hasn’t had all of her vaccinations. She will therefor need some special help through U.S. customs. Salty Dog has agreed to sign a ‘Home Confinement’ agreement which lets the customs officers know that she won’t be taken out in public for at least 60 days after her arrival in the States.

I will purchase her airplane ticket, pay for her vaccines and crate. Can you help me by taking her, feeding her, walking her everyday and crate training her, as well as helping her to conquer her fear of motorbikes and cars?

She does walk on a leash well enough. I am careful to remind her that she must heel at all times. She is learning to sit, stay, and come. She needs someone who has more time and space. I don’t have enough space for her and my teaching schedule is quite packed. I often am out of the house for 6 hours at a stretch. Puppy needs a potty break, a walk and some training time twice a day, not the measly once that I currently give her. I can help with food expenses, I just need your help with your time and love.

Pup is very loving and gentle. She is highly intelligent and a people-pleaser. If you have kids, it’s best if they are older and can help with training. My daughter is a little afraid of dogs, so it has taken her time to feel confident enough to be firm with the pup.

If you have any questions, can foster her, or escort her to Seattle, please PM me. If you can foster her, you must be able to train her to respond to English commands.

I need help with fostering and an escort within the next two weeks.

Thanks to all of you.


My name is Dezlie and my boyfriend and I would be able to foster the puppy for a few months but we would not be able to take it to Seattle, we are both teachers but we work different shifts so usually one of us is home within a couple of hours so the puppy would not be left alone for extended periods. We also have tile in our apartment so any messes she would make would not be a problem. When you say crate training do you mean as in the puppy would be in the crate when we are not home? We have a tibetan spaniel who we trained to be comfortable in the crate as in a few months he will be making the trip to Taiwan but I am not comfortable with training an animal to live in a crate, just for travel. We would happily train the puppy. We live in taoyuan and my phone number is 0981179887, and I can be reached after 4:30pm. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!