3 stabbed in nightclub in Taipei's ATT 4 FUN



Three people were stabbed during a fight that broke out over a crowded dance floor in the ELEKTRO nightclub on the seventh floor of the ATT 4 FUN entertainment complex in Taipei’s Xinyi District early this morning at 1:30 a.m. The same location where 66 gangsters bludgeoned a Taipei detective to death in 2014.


Ladies night in Taipei, dangerous stuff.


I always say Taipei is boring.


Totally monotonous…and then you get stabbed.


Clubbing is just not the same not worrying about getting shot when you walk outside by drive bys or miss shots from disputes hitting you in taipei. I guess the random stabbing once a year keeps you on your toe.


What happened to the other toes? :grinning:

Gangster squabbles aside, I’d still say Taipei is a lot safer than, say, the UK, where the police have to deal with several glassings, stabbings or beatings pretty much every weekend in the average town.

I’m just imagining that one. Look out! They’re getting away! They pressed the elevator call button!
(Five minutes later)
Dammit! They got away, the bastards!






Apparently over getting too close to girls with another group of guys