3 weeks to print new ARC?

Today I went to the NIA to change the address on my ARC. Was told the new one will be ready on 2/25 (3 Weeks time)

I don’t remember it taking this long before, what’s going on?

add 1 week for coronavirus testing of your application

I went in yesterday and was told it would be ready in 2 weeks. But I also told them I plan to travel in March, so maybe that sped things up?

BTW, wasn’t it sweet to have no wait? I was in and out in probably 15 min

It takes a stupidly long time to get a new card, probably more like 7 or 8 working days than the 1 month they usually quote. The old paper ones could be printed off on location! Given the data is stored electronically on the card and anyone who needs the address should be able to electronically read the card it’s not necessary to print the address on it, thereby saving a lot of hassle. At least now, most times, they allow you to keep the old card until the new one is ready, PITA trying to travel without it.

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There should only be a name on the card and a number. Only people or institutions that need more should just read it from the chip. A picture should be too.

Just renewed mine in Kaohsiung, address change and 3 year card, turned around in 15 working days, included the CNY off period. Very good service down south :+1:t2:

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Renewed my (marriage based) ARC in Natou yesterday. Was told to pick up new card in 10 days.