3 year ARC for my wife, how to get it upon entry?

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My Wife and I are moving to Taiwan next month. She is Syrian and I am a Taiwanese Citizen and she is entering on a Visitor Visa. We would like to get her the 3 year ARC. Can someone tell me how we can maximize our chances of getting this? Is it possible for first time applicants?

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If you’re a TW citizen then why don’t you get a JFRV visa for her?

What exactly do you mean by “JFRV visa”?

  1. A resident visa with the purpose of joining family requires a health check in the home country of the applicant / in the jurisdiction where the resident visa being applied for. Health checks are much more widely available in Taiwan and often more affordable, too.

  2. OP should visit the NIA at his place of residence, i.e. Nanmen near Ximending and CKS Memorial Hall for Taipei City or Zhonge for New Taipei City and apply for an ARC. In all likelihood, OP will be charged an additional fee for going from visitor visa to ARC, as the standard process would be going from resident visa to ARC.

As to OP’s original question: it is unlikely that the NIA will issue a first time ARC for three years. OP should also be prepared for a home visit and/or an interview.

Thanks for the responses,
What are the advantages of having a JFRV vs ARC? we want to be able to travel in and out of Taiwan to visit places like japan or china. She only has a single entry visitor visa. This is the best visa we could get for her.
Our marriage is officially registered in Taoyuan Taiwan where I have my Residence registry, I did the marriage application through the TECO here in US.

I read too that its unlikely they will give the 3 year, but anyone know why they don’t give initially and why they give after the first year?

thanks in advance

“JFRV” is a term incorrectly used by many people on Forumosa referring to an ARC with the purpose of joining family. (外僑居留證 居留理由 依親-夫 in your case).

The reason why the NIA does not issue ARCs with a validity exceeding one year to first time applicants is probably because they wish to curb fraudulent marriages. Anyways, it is common practice in many countries when foreign spouses are involved. Do not worry, ARC extensions are easy and hassle-free.

So a JFRV is a marriage based ARC? Can you start on an ARC, go onto a JFRV and then apply for APRC after 5 years?

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ahh okay, got it!

Cool thing about a marriage ARC is that you get an open work permit xD

Even more convenient: you are exempted from applying for a work permit. As an APRC holder you will need to waste a few hours and 100 NT$ to apply for an open work permit. Article 48, Employment Services Act

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So looks like final verdict is no real way to increase chances of obtaining 3 year arc at first try? Why would they provide the option for first timers?

You are right. No way to obtain 3 year marriage-based ARCs for the first time.

First timers can be issued ARCs based on other reasons than marriage for longer than 1 year up to 3 years, when they meet some criteria.

How does a foreigner renew or apply for an ARC?(Serial No. 0902)

V. Notes

  1. A foreign spouse who is applying for an ARC the first time or applying to modify the residency reason to joining family because of marriage shall be accompanied by his/her Taiwanese spouse, and issued a valid ARC for one year.
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She gets a marriage based ARC for 3 years after her first marriage based ARC for 1 year expires.

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This is very easy. Get her in on a visitor visa, then go to immigration and apply for a PR visa. She will get a 1 year PR visa, then 2 and then another 2, after which she will be a full resident. The PR visa allows working, living and everything else. No voting though I think.

I’m on my 2nd PR visa myself. When I got here, we went to immigration, I had my visitor turned into PR and had the card delivered in 6 days.

Edit: PR is the ARC. Though you won’t have issues getting her in. Some work restrictions but probably nothing to worry about.

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