3 year B.A.'s

i was just parusing through the tealit pages when i saw a thread on 3 year undergraduate degrees. Seems that they are being refused by the taiwanese government for ARC’s. does anyone have any information on this, or a website i can check out? I have a 3 year degree from a canadian university and i’ve never had any problems renewing my arc, or even getting a new one this year. hmm… maybe because my entire degree is written in latin. i would hate to have to leave though if it was ever found out. :help:

Yep, my sister started that thread on tealit, and I did one somewhere on forumosa. They wouldn’t accept my 3-year degree, seriously. I had to ask someone to send my Masters documents over.
But my boss told me that the problem was probably just that the Labour dept. was so new at processing the stuff (I started application in the beginning of Feb), and that they’re aware of the situation now.
I finally got my ARC on Friday.
That’s 2 months!

i have a 3 year bsc and the majority of degrees issued in the uk are 3 year ones…this is obviously another bungling on the part of the immigration lot.
in the uk , it’s usually foreign language related degrees that are 4 years in duration due to the student spending a year abroad.

How on earth does immigration know how long your degree took ?

If I show my degree certificate to an immigration officer here can he instantly respond - “Yes, Sir, B.A. in Jurisprudence from Oxford, 3 years”, or “Psychology at Trinity, yes, four years” ?

Do they have a list of every degree course at every university and how long it took ? (Relevence of duration of degree course is ________ ?)

In America we have a saying, “College - the best 5 or 6 years of your life.”

Canadian universities offer three-year degrees? Which ones?

Interesting point here and still no answers. How do they know how long the degree took? What if you, like some degrees in NZ, can skip a year and move right on into the second year. Ok, you still need enough credits but in theory a high flier could finish a 4 year degree in 3 years, in that case would he also be @##$#@#?

Any university in Quebec offers three year degrees. Works like this: high school, 5 years; CEGEP (junior college, for all intents and purposes), 2 years; university, 3yrs. They also offer four year degrees for out-of-province/international students. What can I say: La Belle Province; always has to be different!


Thanks CK.

I’m pretty sure that a three-year degree plus TEFL certification is OK.

Sorry; this may be cold comfort, and in addition does not answer the moot point about the length of study not being shown on most certificates.

I would have thought that in time things will be straightened out anyway and return to the way they were before.