3 year old pig needs suitable life-long home

Happy Holidays!

I care for a male, nuetered, medium sized (75kg) black and white pig named Big Noah. He lives in my yard and comes in at night to sleep on the rug in my bedroom. He has been raised vegetarian, and is very healthy. He was given to me by a lady who did not have the space to handle a full grown pig. I did , so I accepted him.

Since then I have raised him with love and respect. He likes all other animals (i have a chicken who he shares his meals with and two cats who adore him) , women and children. With new adult human males he gets antsy. But all in all he is sensitive, affectionate , and harmless to all.

Sadly, I am in the middle of a divorce which may mean I am forced to leave as I am not certified a teacher and so I have no other reason than him to stay.

If you have real long-term commitments to Taiwan, are a true animal lover, and understand what it means to care for pet pigs, please contact me here or better at ibubi@hotmail.com.

I have invested hundreds of hours into his training and care. He could make a fine pet/companion in the rite home with space. Pigs live about 20 years btw…

Justin :bravo: