30-day landing visa expiring

Hi, is there any way of staying longer with a 30-day landing visa? I know this has been posted before but wondered if RVolner could let us know what happened to him

The standard answer is that landing visas are not extendable (for U.S. citizens anyway, though I think it applies to all).

boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=144 … e=116&mp=2

Sorry Diana, didn’t see your post! :blush: Actually, I begged to be allowed to stay in Taiwan for just a week or so more, but I was told several times that the only way to stay past the date of your landing visa is in the case of an emergency, for example if you’re in the hospital. Sorry I don’t have better news!

On the plus side, unlike the others here, I had a great experience at the Hong Kong office. (The only gripe I have is that they cheated me out of the expediting fee!) I asked what was the latest I could drop off my documents on Friday, and they said 3:00. Well, my flight was delayed, so I ran through the office doors at 2:57 exactly (and still had to fill out the application) but they took it no problem. Then they said the soonest I could pick up the visa was Saturday morning, if I paid the extra fee, which I did. As I was leaving, they asked me to come back at 4:50 “in case they had any questions/problems.” Well, you know I ran in at 5:05, after they’d closed! But the woman there had the guard let me in, and gave me the visa. She said that they told me the earliest I could get it was Saturday just in case there were problems. Whatever, I had my visa and the rest of the weekend to play in HK! Maybe it was just me–but maybe, just maybe, that office is improving! :astonished:

I arrived on a landing visa and had to leave before it expired, even though my paperwork for a work permit and ARC was already being processed, and I had to get the multiple-entry visa from the TECO in a chosen country. Seems they are quite strict on the landing visa regulations.