30 day visitor's visa expiring soon--

Hi, I’m hoping someone out there can help me. I came to Taiwan to study at MTC with a 30 day visitor’s visa for tourism-there are no notes on it referencing my school. (Don’t ask-I know it’s the wrong visa, but that’s a very long and painful story!) When I got it, the lady in the US said that it could be extended, at the discretion of the visa officer here. However, of course I’m getting a different story here, they say that only the 60 or 90 day visas are extendible. The thing expires 3/15, so I’ve got to do something before then. My question is, does anyone know if it will be possible for me to extend this visa, or maybe get a new one, or somehow stay in Taiwan for another couple weeks? I’m hoping to do my visa run to get the 60 day extendible visa on 4/3, since we have a break from classes then. I just need to know if there’s a way to stay in Taiwan until then, 'cause I don’t want to miss class. Thanks in advance–and if this has been posted before I’m sorry, couldn’t find it in my searching.

Fly to Hong Kong or Manila during the weekend, then re-enter Taiwan.

Thanks for your reply. So there’s no way to extend the visitor’s visa I have or get another one (good for just a couple weeks) from within Taiwan?
And one more question–if I go to HK or Manila to get the visa exempt entry, can I make it a one-day trip? Go in the morning, turn right around and head back here in the afternoon? Or will I have to stay overnight?

Yes, you can return on the same day. No need to stay overnight. Actually, you can fly to HK (or wherever) and fly right back without even going through HK’s (or wherever’s) immigration. I know someone who does exactly this on a monthly basis.

If you leave and come back on a visa-fee entry, you will have to leave again within 30 days! Visa-free entry is not extendable! In your circumstances, you should apply for a 60-day visitor visa, showng proof that you are attending classes full time (10 or more hours per week). A visa is extendable unless it says “no extension will be granted”, but you need to show a good reason and relevant proof to extend it. Ask your school office for advice.

Hong Kong is recommended as a better place than Manila to apply for a visa. You can get it done on the same day but it is a rush and more expensive. Better to stay in Hong Kong for a night or two. Plenty of cheap accommodation - search Forumosa for “hong kong hostel”.

Thanks for the info. I know I’ll have to do another visa run if I get the visa-free entry, but my main goal is not having to miss classes here. I have class from 8-10, M-F, so making it to HK to submit the paperwork by 3:00 would be tight, if not impossible. I’d much rather apply for the 60 day extendible visa on 4/3-4/5, because we get a few days off from classes then. However, my current visa expires about two weeks before the school vacation. So the visa-free entry would at least last me until 4/3, when I could go to Okinawa or HK or wherever.
My 30 day visitor visa does not say “no extension will be granted” anywhere! Does that mean that maybe I can get it extended until April? The lady at the police station that I talked to said only 60 or 90 day visas can be extended, but maybe it depends on who you talk to? That’d be much better than leaving and getting the visa-free entry of course!

Just checking up to see if you have made any progress. How is your Visa situation? Were you able to get your 30 day extended by a different person?

Love to hear how this pans out. Keep us updated! Best of luck to you!

Since I won’t be able to get my ARC extended, due to problems with my school, I will be making a short trip back to the US and then returning here just on the landing visa. I know if I come back that way, I have to leave every 30 days, which I’m willing to do for awhile, until I sort everything out and decide which school I will go to next. It’s a bit of a pain, but I can do it for a few months, and I have friends in Hong Kong with whom I like to visit.

Here’s where I’m not too clear: if one comes to Taiwan on a landing visa, one has to already have a ticket out of the country, is that correct? If that is the case, when I fly back in from the US, I’ll have to write on the landing paperwork that I’m flying out again to Hong Kong within 30 days.

OK, so since I think this is the way it has to be, I already booked a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong to cover my butt. But now…when I fly back from Hong Kong on that trip, will I once again need to note the date of my next flight out? That is, will I need to purchase another ticket out of Taiwan before I leave for Hong Kong?

I’m very confused, and although I’ve read quite a lot that’s posted here, some of it seems to conflict, and I ended up worse off than before I started :astonished:

Many thanks to all of you who share your expertise and knowledge. I know that it gets wearing answering the same questions over and over, but trust me, those of us looking for information truly appreciate it.

Yes. It’s a hassle, isn’t it? To come back in the country (Taiwan) you will need to show a ticket with a confirmed flight out of the country before your 30 days visa-free entry expires.

Gee, I wonder if the airline will give me a good deal for booking a year’s worth of tickets in advance. :wink:

Thanks for the prompt response, too!

Just overstay. It’ll be like Survivor. You know, a high-risk, thrilling experience. Always living on the edge. :smiley:

Just like this post. Ooooohh.