30 inch monitors

Anyone know where to get a good 30 inch monitor in taipei, Ive been to all the usual stores in the computer area, noone seems to have any 30 inch lcds, Im looking for a dell/nec/eizo etc…

Need it to be good quality, anyone know or have any ideas


I have a 20" Dell monitor that I got from a Dell branch in that computer market area on Bade Rd. close to where it intersects with Zhongxiao. They didn’t have it on stock, so I ordered it. I saw that you could order the 30" model there as well.

I’ve seen Eizo’s on the top floor of the Nova near Taipei Main Station. Not 30" ones, but I’m sure you could order them there too.

Heya, I am hoping not to have to actually order one, trying to find a place that stocks them.

I frequently purchase high end computer gear and am also kind of hoping for a good supplier as well,

Thanks for the fast reply!

Try going up to the 5th floor (not the tops floor, the one below that) in the computer market, there’s a shop there if you take a left as you get off the escalator, then head down almost to the end and they’re on the right, that sells Dell and Eizo monitors. Not sure if they’ve got the 30in models on display, but I’m sure they can help you and they speak a bit of English as well.

thanks Il give them a go!


I saw the eizo 30" here in Hsinchu and it looks great. Thought it would make a great replacement for my current eizo until I saw the ~100,000 nt$ price tag.

Nova doesn’t have escalators, so I’m assuming this is either K Mall or Gonghua. I am looking for a good 8 bit monitor, but unfortunately the only ones I’ve seen here are the 24" Dells, and they cost NT$27,000 according to Dell’s Website (which is massively more than they cost in places like Australia).

I just got back from Komodo National Park, where I saw 72-inch monitors. Some could bring down a buffalo or kill a man.

Don’t know if that helps.

Well, I’ve only seen one “affordable” S-PVA monitor here, it does 1,920x1,200, but it’s only a 22-incher and its fugly
shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … 1J&ROWNO=1

And yes, I should’ve said it was in Gonghua computer market… :blush:

Goodness, that did get hit with the ugly stick. Good price though, and despite the fact that it’s 22" I might pick it up for my Photoshop work.

For some reason it seems like you can’t get hold of the “good” panels in LCD displays here and with brands like NEC and Iiyama not being available here and Samsung mostly selling its cheaper models in Taiwan, at least to the general public as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem easy to get hold of something good here for a decent price.

Yes you’re right. Utterly infuriating given that companies such as ASUS, Acer, and Benq (which are all local companies), make excellent panels.

Its because all the good stuff is shipped to foreign markets,the best and latest gear either never gets into retail here or is like 4 months later or is charged an insane premium. Yeah thats frustrating, this is really why I’m looking for a good dealer of gear who deals is decent brand names and carries the latest products.

The store I mentioned seem to specialize in better stuff than the other stores in Gonghua, as most of the stores seems to sell the same BenQ, LG and Acer displays with some also having cheaper Samsung models, i.e. only TN panels. These guys were only doing Dell and Eizo as far as I can remember, at least when it came to 24in+ models. They got the cheaper and the more expensive Dell models when it comes to the 24in ones, but as I said, I can’t remember if they had the 30in one on display.
Even the Viewsonic stuff sold here isn’t as good as in Europe and I really wish I could get an NEC display here, but alas…

Perhaps we should create our own store :slight_smile: and start importing stuff from Japan ourselves.

Anyways I found a couple vendors now that are charge 90,000 NT for the eizo monitor(flexscan something something), oh and I found this web site which actually sells the 3008 Dell(which is not a bad monitor either)


Of course though if you order from their web site they are charging a nice premium.

oh and these guys sell EIZO. anyone use them before?


One of the great reasons for buying from EIZO is their warranty, they will basically keep replacing the panel yopu buy until you are happy with it, but im not sure how that will work here…

The only place I could get NEC monitors is from Japan, only way to get it is to pay 25% duty and have it shipped from there. I think this was the model NEC LCD3090WQXi;BK I was looking at

Anyways I am seriously considering a trip over to Japan to pick up some stuff and just paying the duty on my return trip.