300 NTD for participating the Chinese Language experiment


Hi everyone, We are currently running language experiments on reading comprehension of Chinese learner at National Taiwan Normal University (in the main campus) for Ministry of Science and Technology. Each participant will be paid NTD300.

Eligible Participants: TOCFL level 4~5 (/CEFR B2-C1) Heritage speakers of Chinese (those speakers that have a historical connection to the language, but are not fluent) over the age of 18
Content: Vocabulary, morphology, syntax, reading comprehension

If you’re interested, please contact Department of Chinese as a Second Language, NTNU, Zhang
EMAIL: 60684027i@gapps.ntnu.edu.tw


Just curious, what do you mean by ‘historical connection’?

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Hi geajvop,
It requires at least one of the participant’s relative is Chinese who speaks Chinese or Cantonese as their first language.

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Mr or Ms Zhang, My suggestion to you at NTNU is that instead of figuring out reading comprehension of random overseas chinese people, you guys at NTNU should be understanding how your paying customers actually feel without pressure when they have a problem instead of dismissing them when upset while only accepting good feedback. If the school was more open minded to the different ways people learn, rather than just test random foreigners on the street of their chinese ability, perhaps there would be more students of varying backgrounds in the upper levels and that NTNU probably wouldn’t have been the biggest waste of money for me.


300 NT$/hour?


It’ll be a typo. 3000NTD for the day I guess. It sounds dangerously close to research linking genetics and language acquisition, which is a bit worrying.