3000 km biking trails in Taiwan

I heard some news reports but I haven’t seen anything in writing that there are 3000 km of biking paths in Taiwan.

And that Taiwan will spend nt$1.2 billion in the next couple of years connecting and improving the system. That’s a hella money.

Great news for cycling in Taiwan.

Wish I had a map or an app and could also use a nap.

It’s probably a typo. The real number is 3000 km²

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How much is that in cm³

They’re also numbered and named yet there seems to be no central Index Map. Maybe I just cannot find it.


You have to ask the metric people. We Americans use the American system!

Some cycling maps but I find them incorrect or confusing, try to follow and there’s big breaks in paths or dead ends.

Taidong had tons of long nice trails made. Nobody used them and now they are all overgrown in disrepair

fl. oz?