30th year in performing (see last page)

Place : Golden Eagle Restaurant/Pub, Jia Yi
Time: 9:00p.m

this show will be totally solo guitar, no drum machine. just me, a guitar and amp, and some reverb for spaciousness.
music is defined as sounds and silence. i think the space between notes is cool. ambient. why clutter it up?

yes, i dare to play Pat Metheny’s “Bright Size Life” sans accompianment.

life is short. risks are worth taking.

i think amp i’ll be renting for that night is a nice Marshall. slight mellow overdrive. just a touch.

you know how things start in taiwan, so come early.

Nice to see you still getting out there Ran. The best way to really get in touch with people via music is to play it for them live. I wish I had half your talent and guts.

Hope the sound turns out better than the Taipei show.


Besta luck, Ran. Break a leg.

thanks. you guys should come down to jia yi sometime. it’s really nice. maybe have a forumosa picnic at lantan. that would be cool.

[quote=“theposter”]Place : Golden Eagle Restaurant/Pub, Jia Yi
Time: 9:00p.m[/quote]

What day? Today?

Like it says in the title, Friday, Jan 12.

Like it says in the title, Friday, Jan 12.[/quote]

:homer: D’oh!

i’m totally relaxed about this. even bringing my “cheat sheets” (chord charts) because i keep forgetting how to play “Moonglow” the way i do. i’ll just glance at them now and then if i feel i’m gonna get lost.

it was interesting arranging these things for solo guitar. i’m not really aiming to to play three parts at once (you know, the walking bass, chord, and melody together). it’s a little more sparse than that. depart from trying to get it to sound like the record and you’ll find your own way of playing it. and whether we know it or not, we can really only focus on ONE PART at a time in our listening. the other parts become a texture.but we think we hear it all.
very few people have “bi-phonic” hearing. i remember that happened to me only once, after playing a piece over and over. but that’s zoning out- not natural. I’m one of the many normal people out there who under NORMAL conditions, really only hears one part at a time, with a texture in the background. if you put the bass notes in the right place at the right time, the listener’s imagination takes it from there.

so that’s what i’m trying for. i’m going to ride the reverb!

Hope you kick ass.

Thanks man. Can’t wait to see you.

That’s only two blocks from my house.

Original talent…Yeah!!!

i get free dinner plus pay. not a lot of money. probably just pay for gas and the amp rental. but it’s still great!

lo bo to, i didn’t know you were in Jia Yi! wow!

man 500NT to rent an amp. no free advertising for that guy’s music store.

Wish I could make it down to what in 1878 was “the walled city of Kagee” to see and hear you play.

Hey, ran. Good luck man.

Kick some ass Ran!

Good Luck to Ya Ran…Have a Great Show Coon Ass!

How was your show Ran?

it went really well. i even took a request and pulled a rabbit out of my ass (played i song i didn’t really know but have heard… ie. “hum a few bars,pal”). but man, it takes a lot of songs to fill up an hour, especially since i didn’t sing (but will next time). i was more doing background than actually doing a show, so i kind of made up stuff as i went along. my song list included:

all the things you are
giant steps
round midnight
someday my prince will come
vahalla (my new piece)
Bb blues
blackbird (yes the Paul McCartney one)
various noodlings

i did these all in solo guitar/chord melody style. the amp worked really well but i’m gonna buy this one, Lord willing:


it was a great crowd. i had a tiny stage i made from plywood and cinder blocks. worked great and make make guiness for being the smallest stage ever. i gotta post it!

show is every friday night at 8:30 or 9:00p.m., Golden Eagle Restaurant/Pub, Jia Yi. the hamburgers are really good. nice and juicy. boss lady is nice and juicy too. so are all the waitresses. and they’re sweet. come out and see for yourself.

cover any Dead tunes?:smiley: