31% of Taiwanese earn less than NT$30,000; 10% earn over NT$61,000 per month.


THis I entirely agree with. Blockchain tech should be more solid than any greasy property agents.
But it won’t make hous#ng cheaper necessarily. Credit and demand always being the main issue.


It won’t cost 4-to-6% of the total cost of a house each time a house is sold to complete a housing transaction.


The biggest concern I have with bitcoin right now is how many energy it consumes for just one transaction - about 215 KWh. A monthly energy consumption of single room in Taipei. In summer, with aircon. For just ONE transaction. This can’t be good.


There’s a business idea for someone. Trademark the name “Blockchain Realty” for the first company in Taiwan to facilitate housing purchases using blockchain technology.


I’d trademark Big Data Cloud Based Blockchain platform for IoT AI Deep Learning enhanced real estate.


That why you need Greeniecoin TM.

Greeniecoin is mined when you scrub carbon from the atmosphere. As the percentage of CO2 goes down it gets harder to mine.

Greeniecoin can be used in socially aware countries with no VAT applied.

Forestcoin is mined when you convert palm oil forests back into rainforest.


Ooooh you should work for Taiwanese government. Maybe add 2.0 in there.


Replacing proof-of-work with proof-of-stake in blockchain transactions will reduce the energy consumption requirements of transactions to a sustainable level. Additionally applying the major benefits of blockchain to real estate transactions is already a much lower burden than blockchain for everyday purchases.


I think most people making 30k or less are also in the retail and service industry full time or having to work 2 jobs part time in those industries. They honestly make up more of the workforce than say entry level office jobs or engineers here. I feel like no one talks about those wages being stagnant and incredibly low while making up a huge chunk of the work force.


A good joke I saw on FB, except in Taiwan the bosses would include high priced prostitutes and KTV :rofl:


I totally concur with the fact that resurrecting Taiwan’s economy is an arduous task. I do not care whether it is the DPP/KMT, the core problems remain the same; Low income, inflation, lack of talent, brain drain and lack of innovation.
Talking about salary, Taiwan is a bit of mystery to me. I am currently living in Xizhi district, which is probably the worst, and yes, the worst area to live in Taipei/New Taipei city. Horrible traffic, bad air quality and unhygienic. I have lived in Zhonghe before, and at that time I used to consider Zhong he as messed up (How could I do with going back living there).

Moreover, I guess the average per capita income in Xizhi district Should be lower than other districts, considering the fact that there are hardly any tech. companies here and the average age has got to be higher than the rest of the city. Xizhi has got probably the largest population of 外勞/ South East Asian blue collar workers and most of the jobs are service/retail/construction based.

On the contradictory, I have seen so many BMW/Porsche/Benz being driven here that it perplexes me and make me wanna ask- If the average income in Xizhi, or for that matter even in Taiwan is 38k, then how are people driving these fancy cars? Benz AMG, BMW M series and other cars that are considered fancy are a common sight here and that’s when the roads here are full of potholes, as narrow as those in traditional market and just a pain in the ass to even commute in a scooter (Not sure why would someone drive a fancy car on these messed up roads).

Talking about salary, I do concur with the fact that on an average, the salary for people working as general office staff, retail and service industry is BAD. But then again, if the salaries are so low, then why do Taiwanese line up in queues for iPhone X? If I was earning 30k / month, I would not even be thinking of getting a phone that costs as much as my monthly income. Do you blame the salary or the bad money management of young Taiwanese people? Going abroad, buying the latest phone, KTV, fancy food - and then complain, I got no money left? Give me a break.


Theres also a lot of rich people in Taiwan and their kids can easily buy iPhone X’s. I’m thinking the ones making 30k don’t make up the bulk of iPhone buyers. However I have met some who realize their situation is so messed up with no future they just decided F*** it and live for today.


The 30k kid lines up to buy 4 iPhone X because someone paid him to do so. He tells people he is there to buy one for his parents because reselling is regulated.

Maybe some of them just gave up and want the trimmins. The kids that rent Lamborghinis to keep up appearances for their scams need iPhone X too. Others just buy on credit card install payments, now you can split that over 36 months…


The 38k is “declared income for people in regular employment”. The cars that you see may have been bought in the company name (tax efficient) or are the results of (declared or undeclared) distributions, rent and capital gains.


Xizhi has loads of tech companies. Acer and Wistron for example


I don’t get the entitlement mentality. If you want the perks of being a business owner then put some serious money on the line, come up with some unique ideas for goods and services and then work long hours without pay while everyone else is playing and taking it easy making your business a success. Somewhere down the road when all the financial risks and hard work have paid off there will be those who envy your success and think they’re entitled to it too simply because they show up for work. That’s only because they’ve never created a successful business themselves and the jobs that go with it and most likely never will because it’s too much risk and long hours with no guarantee of a paycheck for their taste.


Definitely someone who creates something, takes risks, and puts themselves out there deserves an overwhelmingly huge chunk of money for their efforts, and ditto about people who don’t take the risk and just work 9-5. I’m not for making anything equal since some people are smarter, more talented and hard working than others.

Ive just saying its gone so extremely far in the opposite direction that for most people the top 0.1% are holding/hoarding so much wealth they can easily pay more but yet they offer slave wages. Thats across the board on all jobs not just low end min wage jobs.

Definitely the first several million someone makes from nothing is well deserved, but beyond that to go further and grow that business relies more heavily on the talent, ingenuity and hard work of their employees. Yet corporate profits are at all time highs and many companies sit on piles of cash giving very little back to the employees who made them a success.


Most of those people driving the BMW’s are gangsters, sons of property owners or families with shareholdings in large corporations.
Very few are so called entrepreneurs.


Then why not start your own business? It’s so easy any dumbass boss can do it. You can even pay your Taiwanese employees U.S wages. Problem solved!


One of my good friends drives a BMW and provides stable employment thru good times and bad for fifty-some people. He doesn’t pay wages that would satisfy a westerner but he pays more than most local bosses.