326 March photos

I’ve just copied my photos from today’s march to my computer, and I plan to set up a public album or something to make them publically accessible, and so I’m asking here first:

Is there anyone who was at the protest march today who doesn’t want their photo put up?

Go ahead. I’m cool with it, just don’t put my name or handle there. I’m picking up mine later. Wheeee! :thanks:

You know ended up on FTV, right? Along with pretty much all the rest of us in some capacity.

I geez I hope they didn’t catch me mooning the cops! :laughing:

Who me? Just marching or actually saying something. Please tell me I wasn’t saying something. I missed it because I was out and about as always.

What are you so paranoid about? You in some kind of protective program? Gotta keep the identity on the down-low(or low-down) or the mafia will find you?

I have one pic from the March, from my 5th floor apartment, but you can’t see anything as trees block pretty much the whole thing.

I have to act coy. Guys dig that.

I like aggressive women…but coy is cool too sometimes.

Sheesh, get a room you two!

Oh, and yes, it was you actually saying something. So nyah :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn! I guess they cut out my voluntary/forced bit. I can’t wait to see the photos, but I’m also going to wait until people reply about putting their photos up before I post here. Don’t really know how to ask all the ladies who were there, though, because I didn’t always know who they belonged to. :smiling_imp:

I’d really like to see these pictures. I wasn’t able to attend the rally. Any word on getting them up?


Thanks for the link Tetsuo. Some great shots in there.

What were the final estimates for total turnout that day?

Estimates depend on who you ask and where you read it. Organizers said 1 million, Ma Ying-jeou said 240,000. Which, to me, indicates that turnout was probably somehwere around 6-700,000.