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If you are interested in going to the March, we will post the routes soon, where you can join different organizations in Taiwan and walk with them to cry out that Taiwan loves peace.

As far as I am aware, if you support peace, there is nothing wrong to join in on the march. In Taiwan, you are a free individual because Taiwan is a democracy, so don’t let anyone tell you that it is ilegal to engage in social activities. In addition, the 326 March is a peace march so if you support Taiwan’s democracy, come join the march!

You are also welcomed to make any banners, posters, etc. We hope to get 1 million people, and we also want to show the international colors of Taiwan so come help us! :laughing:

Thanks for this. We’ll try to get the word out in the foreign community.

Thank you Fei-Ren for your support! We are so appreciative of all your help.

There are ten routes starting from several locations in Taipei City where people from North, Middle, East and West are going to start marching from, but to get it less complicated, we will probably draw two routes with locations where it will be easier to start.

All the ten routes lead to Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office. The entire march starts at 2:30 p.m. but people can join afterward if they are busy working. There is going to be music, speeches, dances and presentations starting from 2:30 on the big stage in front of the Presidential Office and it will end by 6:00 p.m.

The ten routes are designed, each with its own theme of peace and love, as a counter reaction to the 10 articles of the anti-secession law.

Wait wait there going to be a 319 protest this weekend. Let’s all go to that one first as a warm up for next week.

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Anyway the routes are posted here in Chinese:



In light of the recent passage of the Anti-Secession Law by China

It is good to know America is on our side. They have always supported Taiwan but only Bush has actually armed us with democracy and freedom to fight off the sinofascists. I will be at the march and I am helping to spread the world to my Taiwanese expats in Canada.

326 March for DEMOCRACY and PEACE to protect Taiwan. Against China’s

Masao, which route will you be marching on? You know, so I can not be there.

The 326 March for Democracy and Peace is intended to be a positive message, to cry out Taiwan’s desire for peace, love, democracy and unity. We don’t want to see any conflict between anyone from any race, gender or nationality. Let’s all join together and show our respect for each other, our dependency for each other, and our love for each other. Let’s forget that sometimes, we all have problems, and that we all must overcome them to face even bigger challenges.


I for one am deeply in favor of democracy and the right of people to self-determination. But I respect the opinions of some of my friends in Taiwan who are pan-blue (even tho I think their 3/19 consipiracy theories are rather silly). The point is, we can disagree and still be friends. That’s what free speech and democracy are all about (two things the Commie Bandits don’t grok). So, green or blue or other, let’s all join together and oppose moves like this anti-secession law which only serve to heighten tension and conflict!

Someone told me Mayor Horse is blocking the march, but I haven’t seen any info on this. Is this true?