38 minutes


I doubt it was an error, I think they wanted to test people’s reaction in case of a real attact. This kind of notification system is not a button operated by a person who may accidentally activate it while reading the newspaper.


Sometimes people need the real thing:



So whose fault was that false incoming missile warning? Why Trump’s, of course!

Wow, talk about “hate filled selves”!


History repeats:



So brave…she’s the real hero.


It’s an absolute crime that they didn’t choose her to play Wonderwoman!


Will she at least win a nobel prize? One can only hope…


Well, some are blaming Trump for heating up the NK conflict by responding with childish insults, my button is bigger than yours and I will make fire rain from the sky comments. As if… Kim was testing and he found a partner willing to play and now they are putting a great show for the nosebleed section. As for the average citizens, in case of emergency, you look at the ones in charge for guidance. Screaming at incoming misiles is not reassuring. And while we can say that Trump counterpart is a despicable brutish child man taht deserves no less, one wishes a more presidential president would give people peace of mind instead of expecting the worse every day. It is not like the US is lacking enemies these days, to go an upset the rest of the world. If the bubble was impregnable, maybe, but quoting GOT: give me a few brave men and I’ll impregnate the bitch. It is nice and useful to make people scared. It makes the elite a lotta money in the stocks. So fear will play on. It wil get worst. And they will need to have a payoff soon or else the markets will not go the way they want.

That said, Twitter hysterics help no one. It is just playing along. She is right that Trump is coming as an unstable, narcisist, a hubris filled idiot. That is the image he is selling. She should be a more knowledgeable consumer.



There is something in the air…

As long as they do not accidentally throw bombs, all izz well.