3D Printing


Anyone know where i can find somewhere that does 3D printing? I just want one small thing made.



Have you found?

I know quite a few 3D printing shops now
Here is one:

INK GO 荃特3D代工列印 設計 製造 銷售
No. 523號, Dajin Street, Nantun District, Taichung City, 40848
04 2225 8891

rough estimate
material PLA
quality 0,1mm 25NT/1g
quality 0,2mm 20NT/1g

I just printed something there. The job was done well

I am looking for cheaper places now. Anyone?


Interesting. That’s already pretty cheap. What file format do they expect?


format .STL




What bothered me in that shop is…

A university student came to the shop at the same time than me to collect his printed work as well
His work was so much bigger and heavier than mine
However my Chinese is good enough to clearly understand we paid the same price… 800 NT!

So is it because there are differences in materials, students’ discount, relationship / guanxi that I am not aware of? Or is it that I got a ‘waiguoren’ price?

As far as I know, this place is the cheapest I found so far. And it is a professional shop, not a friend, or a friend of a friend


Could be student discount also.



I’m offering 3D printing services (including ABS) in Taipei. Below a reference pricing:

  • 0.1mm PLA: 25NTD, ABS: 30NTD
  • 0.2mm PLA: 20NTD, ABS: 25NTD
  • 0.3mm PLA: 15NTD, ABS: 20NTD

I could review your design to avoid any issue during printing and of course, iteration that will save you money. Once reviewed, a quotation will be send to you.

You could send me a message with your file (STL, STEP or other CAD format). We speak English, Spanish, Japanese and French.

An invoice can be generated if needed.

Lao Hu