3G cell phone

I got a friend who is opening up a 3G cell phone store in Kaohsiung city…on a pretty busy stree right next to college and a high school…he asked me if I want to invest in it…but I don’t know anything about those 3G cell phone market or whatever…anyone know anything about those? one thing I know is I saw them on commercial a lot recently and there is like a war going on

Well… I’d assume he’s opening a phone store, because right now there are only like 6 3G phones. Also, I think those places make the bulk of there money selling plans and not phones.

College students and high school stundets are po’.

I believe 3G phones are all over 10,000NT (without a new number).

That will all change soon though, and I do believe “3G”* will be what everyone is using is “the future”.

*I beleive 3G just signifies a certain data speed that a protocol can do. Last I remember there are 3 or 4 different protocols around world that are “3G”. Soon there’ll be 4G and 5G and 50G (ok, maybe not that).


At first I was thinking of getting a 3G, but then I realized, what if you don’t want the other person you’re talking to to really know where you are? What if they insist to see you on camera and you’re in …erm… a less than desirable position?

Mark my words, these 3Gs are nothing but trouble.