3rd vaccine after 2 abroad?

Hi there.

I took my 2 jab of Pfizer last summer on my trip to Spain.

I was thinking to have my 3rd jab soon here in Taiwan (if possible).

When i told my boss about it he told me that as long as i didnt take my first 2 in Taiwan i can still apply as if they were my first 2 doses.

I told him that i remember when i came back to Taiwan after my holidays in Spain i filled a form in which i stated i had been fully vaccinated (although i didnt need to proof any evidence).

He told me that as long as i dont have the yellow vaccination card, for NHI i have not been vaccinated.

I guess he might be right…but if i want to do this there is some little “lying” involved i guess.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

They should have given you some proof of vaccination in Spain, no? How about digital EU vaccine certificate?

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I don’t get it. Why would you lie? You can get vaccinated regardless if you’re a legal resident or an illegal resident (not that I’m condoning the latter).

If you can’t get a valid proof that you were vaccinated in Spain, you can simply register for a vaccination here. But you have to note the mRNA + vector-based combo. For example: If you got AZ on first 2 doses, your booster should be Pfizer/Moderna. You also have to note the interval between your 2nd dose and your booster (booster = 3rd dose).

Getting vaccinated in Taiwan is not yet mandatory, but highly recommended. So the government wouldn’t really prohibit you from having it regardless if it’s your first or second or third dose.

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Would someone who got both doses abroad be considered as first dose? Does not having the yellow vaccination card mean that one could be considered 1st dose?

Its not that i want to do this for the money…i just really wanna get a 3rd dose and a 4th in April before traveling to Europe and someone has recommended me this option…but i dont know how illegal this is.

Don’t you have a record of your vaccination?

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Thanks for your reply.

Well…the whole topic with my boss was due to the following.

We need to travel to Europe in April and im sure i will be able to get a 3rd dose before that (as my second dose in Spain was last August).

But on the other hand i would also like to get a 3rd now coz its been 5-6 months since my 2nd and also coz i think the cases might increse here after CNY.

So the dilemma was…if i get my 3rd now, maybe in April i wont be able to get a 4th…but i dont know, maybe i just dont need to get “that much” inmmunization.

So…i guess ill just apply for a 3rd shoot this month. My 2 dosed in SPain were Pfizer…so based on what you said, which one should be the booster?

Thanks in advance.

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Lying is not needed. You should be able to access your vaccination records in the EU, which are now recognized mutually with vaccination in Taiwan through the digital certificate program.

Please note you are also eligible for a booster shot five months after your second shot. Taiwan does not distinguish between citizens and noncitizens for this purpose. Everyone here is eligible, and it’s free.



Taiwan has some flexibility here, but I think the basic recommendation would be—if you have not had an adverse response to Pfizer-BNT—to simply stick with the same type for the booster. Moderna is also being administered at half dose for this purpose if this is what you prefer.


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Ok…so im trying to register now but the info i found online says i should register in this link:
And it doesnt work. Maybe i got the wrong link? Or maybe i should go somewhere?

That national level registration portal (1922.gov.tw) has reportedly been paused, as the numbers of people getting vaccinated in Taiwan has fallen.

You’ll need to ask for help to register in one of the local hospitals (not easy for new arrivals!). I hope you can sort this out.


Thanks a lot for your help Guy.


No problem! I hope you can figure this out.


I can confirm it is possible to get a 3rd dose in Taiwan after getting the first 2 abroad, I just did it.


I believe your boss is right. I did something similar. Just let them think it’s your first dose, but you can think of it as a booster. If they find out and confront you on it (highly unlikely), just be honest with them. Nobody is going to punish you for the idea of somehow over-vaccinating yourself now that doses are plentiful.

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We should do that when travelling and the interrogation at the gates start: " I am OVERVAXXED!"

I had my first 2 doses in UK, and got a booster in Taiwan yesterday.
First I had to go to the public health department office with my ARC and proof of vaccination.
Then I went to the vaccination station and got the booster.

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