4,329 people from Taiwan taken Chinas’ exam for legal professionals since 2008

415, around 10%, from Taiwan passed mainland’s exam for legal since 2008.

I wonder what causes the low pass rate.


I think about 10% is close to the pass rate of Taiwan’s exam, and the pass rate of mainland Chinese of mainland’s exam.

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It’s my understanding that there are all kinds of conditions placed on Taiwanese that pass the exams. Basically, you can’t be a practitioner just because you passed the exam. For example, with the patent-related exam, in which you become a patent agent, it’s my understanding that you can’t just start filing patents in China after you pass the exam. It looks decent on your resume, but it has no real practical value.

The test is really easy! There are only three laws in the People’s Republic of China

  1. The Communist Party is the Law and is always right.
  2. If the Communist Party is wrong, refer to rule 1.
  3. All lands declared by the Communist Party as part of China’s sacred territory on the behalf of the Chinese people have been part of China since ancient times.

Ok, jokes aside. I think it’s because the law of China in many ways is unbelievably different from Taiwan’s. People and businesses seem to have this thing where they treat countries with similar languages as fundamentally the same. I think of all the poor foreign businesses who can’t even seem to keep up with China’s laws.

According to Wikipedia, the pass rate for people from HK and macua is 1~2%.

Pass rates of PRC people are 7~30% depending on years. It seems about 10% in recent years.

And, the pass rate of Taiwan’s exam for taiwanese people is less than 10% too, as I posted before.

What do you actually need to pass the exam to be able to do?

Practice law