4 great dogs from Animals Taiwan

Interested in a great dog? Visit www.animalstaiwan.org
Want to see 4 that are ready for adoption? Check out the 4 youtube links.

Coco - youtube.com/watch?v=nAnvKPT5E_Y

Puppet - youtube.com/watch?v=QDgXlYVV4cs

Sweetcorn - youtube.com/watch?v=i5dAUABn9W0

Elvis - youtube.com/watch?v=fGN6w9k7W9k

More videos to come soon.


Way to go. Great idea to make those clips. I am sure some of those dogs will find a new home pretty soon.

Coco is a dog I’d love to take in a heartbeat, if I only had the space and time to take care of him.

Good luck!

That’s a fantastic idea, Sean! Good one.

Can I take the guy in blue home?

You could, but he’d only shit on your couch.

It was indeed a fantastic idea, and it was Keith’s, the videographer who does everything from videoing adoptable dogs to ripping out pissy wooden floors and doing his own rescues - hats off to you, Keith; these videos show the personality of the dogs far better than any pic or description, and I’m certain we’ll see these guys get adopted soon.

Fluffy, how often would you walk me every day? And can you help us hook up our printer and wireless router? Come see the new improved AT Rescue Centre. Soon!

Now, who wants one of these lovely dogs?

Sean :slight_smile:

They say a picture paints a thousands words, so a youtube video at 30 pictures per second must be worth at least 6 fortigurn posts.

We have 62 dogs and 8 cats at the Animals Taiwan Rescue Centre currently; I hope over time we can get all of them on video. Keep watching this space!

4 more will come in 7 days :slight_smile:

I have a dog who is missing the same leg as Elvis, and she has NO problems at all with getting around. She loves going for walks, and when we make it to the mountains, she BOUNDS up the trail. I have to hustle to catch up to her, where she waits for me patiently.
Elvis is just as able to go on walks as my dog and will make a fantastic companion to lucky person who adopts him!