4 months into my job my school still hasn't signed me up for health insurance. Is this legal? Do I have rights?

I have been asking them since November and they keep saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow, it will be here next week’ constantly. But I still haven’t received it. I was told that if I have an accident or if I get sick I will need to pay for it myself until my health insurance comes in despite asking for almost 4 months and being told weekly ‘It’s coming soon’ 'I’ll pick it up myself tomorrow)

I was told today it’s going to take another 2 weeks as it’s still not been applied for. I have money taken from my pay each month (I assume insurance is taken out of there too) And my school does not provide pay slips.

Is there anything you recommend in this situation? Do I have any rights?

“I need to see a doctor. If it’s not in my hand by the end of this week, I’m going to have to visit the Health Insurance bureau and the WDA and explain to them why I don’t have health insurance as is legally mandated.”


Thanks for the reply, they told me they are applying for it today but again asked me to bring in photos. They told me it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to arrive.

I work at a nice small school and don’t want to piss them off as there are only 6 teachers, but it’s been taking too long. I don’t want to go in with the legal speak straight away as the woman doing it has been here less than a week but it’s getting frustrating. I’m wondering with the Corona virus or if i’m hospitalised, i’d be left with a huge bill.

Could I ask them to also reimburse me as i’ve been paying insurance and don’t even have access to it

The timelines don’t add up. You can simply contact the NHI yourself, they’re always hunting for more victims to sign up.

Again, contact the NHI although if the company hasn’t been removing the costs from your salary you may find yourself with a backdated bill for coverage you didn’t even receive.

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your employer must enroll you to NHI from the first day. If they don’t, they should pay unpaid premium and the penalty which is double of unpaid premium. So, longer the delay, more penalty they should pay.

Iirc, NHI becomes effective retroactively. You can claim insurance coverage for self paid visits within 6 months from your enrollment.


Do it the Taiwanese way: Use Tempogain’s words but say it with a smile and confused demeanor, not threateningly. They’ll get the message, and everyone saves face.


Update. Sorry for the late reply, I had no internet for a few days. I used this method in the nicest way possible. The NEXT DAY I received my health insurance card!

Thanks all for your help!! Much appreciated!


Well done. Good job learning the game, and how to play - it is a key to surviving in Taiwan.


Well said.