4 word game

Stole this game off another site, which I recommend you take a look at to give you an idea of what it’s about.

Start off with four words and continue the story adding four words at a time.
When a story eventually peters out or gets way too surreal someone can just start another one.

[edit: Keepnig a sentence going is part of the game so don’t just cop out with a period if it’s possible to continue. ]

Once upon a time…

in a galaxy far

from the nearest pub,

hidden between the trees

there lived a miserable

poker player. When he

ate too many chips

his trousers would always

bitch all night about

his many feculant flatulations

,and running down his

thigh were the words

“Eat me”. And every…

extra chip he ate

his dominatrix harem would

whip him to near

A near death experience.

, during which he saw

[…near A near…?? Go back and edit, DM, you big doofus! Forget it, Tetsuo has already posted.]

[Yeah, whipped him to near a near-death experience. Like, close to a near-death experience, except less grammatically correct :laughing:]