4 year old kids!

Hey, I went through alot of these forums but this is tough. I subbed a couple times for some 8-11 year old kids, it wasn’t bad. Tomorrow I have to go for a trial run of doing flash cards and reading stories to 12 kids that have never been in an english class before! How the heck do you do that? Please, anyone…I need detailed advice and instruction. I don’t want to go in there GREEN as heck. THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HELPS! :help:

For kids this young try using tpr. Hold up a flashcard (Triceratops) and say it, get the kids to say it, then put it on the board or on a table.

Point to it and say "Triceratops."Walk to the card and ask the kids to tell you what it is? What is this? Triceratops.

Ask a kid to stand up and walk to the triceratops. Applaud like mad when he does it.

Go to the next word (stegasaurus) and run through the same process. Put this card on a chair away from the triceratops.

Walk back and forth and when you get to a card, ask the students what it is…they should be able to tell you after a few practice runs…if not, that’s ok, just help them say it again…

Try to get the smarter kids up and walking to the cards you call out.

Should work and it’s very simple.

As for the storytelling…pick a good book. Ask lots of easy Yes/No questions while you read…“Isn’t Goldilocks a pain in the butt?”

Yes, she is, huh?

The three Bears could string her up for trespassing huh?

Yes, they sure could…

These interviews are all about how well you handle stress in the form of unresponsive students…

Keep you momentum going and all should be well.