4 yr old girl beaten by drunken father, slips into coma

Original Title: Confirmed reports that Taipei Hospitals really suck.


After being beaten by her father late Monday night, the girl was rushed to Taipei’s Jen-ai Hospital, where she was refused treatment because of a lack of sickbeds and supporting medical equipment. Calls for help to other city hospitals failed, and the girl eventually had to be driven 140 kilometers to a Taichung hospital to receive the operation she needed, nearly six hours after the incident occurred.[/quote]

This is just plain nuts. They should have the father beat the doctor to a pulp that night and see if they would admit the doctor.

In a plea to end the cycle of domestic violence, these two should not be allow to have children.

How about instead of bitching about the hospital and missing the forest for the trees, we bitch about that arsehole father beating the shit out of his child so hard that she had to go to hospital in the first place?

Why would we do that??? :astonished:

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That has left me curious as well. The father seems to have disappeared. Maybe the POlice beat the living shit out of him and he needs time for the swelling to go down.

As for the state and quality of the service in Taiwan’s hospitals, not just Taipei, I feel that it is abhorent. The birth of my son was an 11 day nightmare in ICU, where the nurses left him in soaking wet diapers for hours. The only nurse I trusted was a teaching nurse who was visiting from a University who whispered to us, “Take your son home. They don’t know what they’re doing here.” My wife nearly died in the emergency room in San Shia from food poisoning waiting hours for a Dr and a diagnosis. The quality of care they both received has been repeated often in nearly every hospital I have visited: inept nurses and arrogant and inept doctors.

So no, it doesn’t surprise me the two lazy or inept doctors decided to ignore a critically injured child who they probably couln’t have saved anyway. They didn’t want to be the last one to touch her and assume responsibility IMO.

Apparently, the father is now in jail (jale) (gaol) (jayal). OK, prison.

I heard it on the news yesterday night,

We can but hope. Any man who is scum enough to beat a child, let alone that badly, deserves to be beaten to within an inch of his life.

We can but hope. Any man who is scum enough to beat a child, let alone that badly, deserves to be beaten to within an inch of his life.[/quote]

Why stop? :s

We can but hope. Any man who is scum enough to beat a child, let alone that badly, deserves to be beaten to within an inch of his life.[/quote]

Why stop? :s[/quote]
Because killing him would end the excrutiating, tortuous agony he deserves to feel.

Or we could bitch about a society which gives custody of a kid to a drunken, unemployed, drug addict, violent father - rather than to the gainfully employed mother, and then doesn’t even seem to question that decision when the kid ends up in intensive care :unamused:


In my opinion the father should be trained to clean up the bloody rags and whatnot in the ICU for kids who’ve been beaten.

Maybe then he’d find his fucking heart.

may she rest in peace

What RIP? She’s dead? I thought she was recovering.

Her brain function went down to 60ish % and her father has agreed to declare her brain dead. So now the family and the doctors are waiting to see what to do next. After she’s declared brain dead, they still have to look at the function of the other organs. Then it would be to plug or unplug the respirator.

That’s all the info I have from watching the news right now.

This is from the 19th so there is probably something newer… hopefully not bad…

etaiwannews.com/Taiwan/Socie … 100447.htm

Chances not good for little girl in coma, says Taichung doctor

2005-01-19 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Shih Hsiu-chuan

The four-year-old girl who was transferred to a hospital in Taichung after being refused treatment in Taipei last Tuesday took a turn for the worse yesterday, according to the physician treating her at a hospital in central Taiwan.

The girl’s doctor Lee Ming-chung said yesterday afternoon that her brain stem and brain wave functions had deteriorated and chances for any improvement were slowly eroding.

At a press conference yesterday, Lee said there was little cause for optimism. The girl’s coma was still a three on the Glasgow Coma Scale, the poorest reading possible indicating she could not move, see or talk in response to stimulation, her cranial pressure remained too high, and her pupils continued to be dilated, Lee said.

When reporters wondered if the girl was could already be considered brain dead, Lee hesitated and then said, “I can’t exclude this possibility.”

An examination of her brain waves showed that there was stagnation, indicating that her brain was slowly losing its functions, the doctor said.

He also said her brain stem response was weak, reducing the possibility of keeping her alive. The stem is the body’s main life support system, controlling the heartbeat, breathing, body temperature and blood pressure, according to Lee.

No matter how bad the situation appeared, however, Lee insisted his team would do its best until the end.

The girl’s case has also refocused attention on local domestic violence.

According to the Child Welfare League Foundation, the incidence of domestic violence increased 1.42 times from 2001 to 2003. On average, four children die of abuse or as part of their parents’ suicide attempts every month in Taiwan, and 98 percent of them are under 12 years of age.

In addition, the number of children and teenagers asking for protection grew from 6,059 in 2000 to 8,013 in 2004, a nearly 10 percent rate of grow, the Child Welfare League Foundation said.[/quote]

This is from the 21st:

etaiwannews.com/Taiwan/Socie … 273585.htm

Girl’s family undecided on brain test

2005-01-21 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter /

The medical team treating a four-year-old girl who was refused treatment at several Taipei hospitals will fight to save her life until the last second, the Taichung-based hospital promised yesterday, after the girl’s family failed to reach a conclusion on whether the child should undergo a brain function test that would determine whether or not she is brain dead.

After reviewing the girl’s physical condition, pediatrics expert Chih Jing-shang suggested that the medical team prepare to assess the girl’s brain activity, a procedure that requires the consent of the child’s family members.

After the family failed to give consent, the girl’s doctor Lee Ming-chung said that the hospital would maintain its efforts to save the child’s life and would not discuss any further the question of determining whether or not she is brain dead.

Meanwhile, in an investigation to uncover the facts that led to the child being transferred to a hospital outside Taipei, the Control Yuan yesterday found that Taipei’s Jen Ai Hospital doctors Lin Chin-nan and Liu Chi-hwa never reviewed the child’s case and had forged a report in order to avoid responsibility.[/quote]

That is some messed up shit! Not only did the father beat her to almost dead, he wants to pull the plug on her so his abuse can be complete. I hope he gets raped in jail and then beatin to death.

The title of the thread should be “proof that child protection in Taiwan sucks”.

None of this foreigners-pushing-their-beliefs-on-local-culture bullshit. Beating a 4-year-old child to death is inexcusable in any language. Then Dad has the audacity to be the one calling the shots on how much longer they keep her alive? It seems he’s already made that decision with his fists.

Who’s to say that dear old Dad wasn’t trying to find a far-away hospital where once the shit hit the fan about what happened, he wouldn’t lose as much face. Isn’t there a saying about how the further a Taiwanese person is from their home and neighborhood where people know them, the worse their behavior can become?

Personally I think that when things like this happen, when parents bully their children (and considering the absence of the mother, their spouses), they should get the same kind of treatment from someone bigger than them. It’s easy to be all big and bad when beating the shit out of a 4-year-old girl. How about when it’s the abuser being done by a 120-kg man with a bicep bigger than the waist of some women? I’d say let him be dropped off in the cage of such a guy when he’s having a bad day and receive what he gave.

Throw him in jail and let Big Bubba Chen have his way with him.

I still say death is too good for arseholes like that.


My wife was watching the news last night when I was reading this thread, and she announced that the girl had died. I just quizzed her, and she said “well yes she is dead to all intents and purposes”.


Update: the little girl is has died. Her kidney and liver have been donated to two separate patients in Taiwan.