40Kg of cocaine found in Brazilian president’s military entourage’s plane

Is this why he wants to flatten the Amazon rainforest? So he can plant coca fields?

Chi chi, get the yayo!!

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Wish they would just legalize drugs worldwide and focus on real problems.

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You don’t think drugs are a real problem is this another one of your troll posts ? Why don’t you say that to people who have lost children , friends and relatives through drugs. What a very insensitive and nasty comment.

One could argue a lack of regulation means addicts are using impure drugs cut with even more dangerous and stronger ingredients. One could argue the drug war has ruined many lives through incarceration and gang wars. One could argue the stigma of drug use drives users underground and lets them spiral into addiction as they’re scared to seek treatment. One could argue murderous cartels, the kind destroying Mexico, only exist due to the illegality of drugs.

I’m not even in favor of legalizing hardcore drugs like heroin and crystal meth (I am in favor of legalization of marijuana, MDMA and a few other substances), but there are two sides to this issue.

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I saw this on my Twitter timeline and thought I could share with you guys

Some observations on this regrettable episode:

1, The damage to the country’s image on the eve of the G20 is already done. Another step for anyone who wants to classify Brazil as a narco-state out there.

2, A squad of senior officers of the Brazilian Air Force for trafficking was already caught in 2011, is not something unheard of.

3, 39kg of cocaine is no small thing. Who was financing? What were the sergeant’s contacts? Who would profit from the sale of the drug on the European market?

4, still in the fact that 39kg is a lot of drugs, what about the internal intelligence of the Brazilian Air Force falling to do in the case, when checking other activities of its professionals?

5, yes, professionals, we are talking about a soldier with years of service.

6, what inspections are carried out by the Brazilian Air Force and the Federal Police on airplanes carrying authorities? Does a soldier that carries 39 pounds of drug mean an equivalent security hole for someone to put a bomb in a presidential plane?

7, in that sense, would it not be for Institutional Security Cabinet to have the authority to monitor that situation?

8, the point is, it was a crime made possible by a series of security breaches or even by the involvement of more people. It depended on the Spanish authorities for the discovery of the crime.

9, the case is very serious and does not fit any covering up or relativization. There were 39kg of cocaine in a presidential plane. A charge of 2 million euros. Who sent it? Who was going to profit? There are many charges and there is no justification for institutional opacity.

They die in cars, they die from guns, they die from tobacco and alcohol and they die from junk food, too.

Should all those be illegal?

IMO the government has no right to control what one does with one’s own body. That should be a basic inalienable right.

Plus the tax money it would raise would be enough for everyone to have great free health care.

Would you support gene editing to create better humans? How about cybernetic enhancement? Interested to know your opinion.


I wonder if he has immunity?

It’s not the first time drugs are smuggled using diplomatic trips. Diplomats bags are not normally subject to be checked traveling as I understand it. NKs diplomats are suspected to double as drug dealers to get the country funds

They just missed the snow in Russia.

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I would guess this is only the first time he’s been caught and has been doing it for years. It’s hardly the sort of thing you do in a moment of madness, is it.

Pretty stupid carrying 39kg of coke in your hand baggage. I mean, that’s like a fully-loaded Bergen. Somebody is sure to ask: what 39kg item is so damn important that you have to carry it around with you? A laptop from 1981? I reckon this guy is a prime candidate for the “idiots” thread.

Presumably he doesn’t have immunity if he was checked and then arrested.

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Exactly, it’s not easy moving 39kilos of cocaine or getting that much. It’s not like he’s going to nickle and dime bags on the street.

He made a shed load of cash, thought he was invincible, and got greedy. Big mistake.